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The Institute has hosted a variety of speakers in the past several years. We hope you will join us next time!

Anya Fernald
Anya Fernald, Belcampo 3/6/14

Michael Dimock
Michael Dimock, Roots of Change 3/6/14

John Ikerd
Professor John Ikerd

Secretary Karen Ross
Secretary Karen Ross 3/7/14

Dayna Baumeister
Dayna Baumeister, Biomimicry 3/7/14

Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan, Artist

Shalini Kantayya
Shalini Kantayya, 3/7/13

Heather Cooley
Heather Cooley, Pacific Institute 3/7/13

Richard Heinberg Richard Heinberg, 4/24/2012

Han Schlichtmann Jan Schlichtmann, 3/14/2012

Wallace Nichols Cover Shot Wallace Nichols, Marine Biologist 3/1/2012

Laura StecLaura Stec, Chef & Author 3/2/2012

Peter Joseph Peter Joseph, 3/3/2012

Clive Neal
Clive Neal, 2/20/2012

Liz Matthews photo
Dr. Elizabeth Matthews

Ben Santer Ben Santer, 10/20/2011

More to come!


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico


This Way to Sustainability Annual Conference and
other events and guest lectures we have hosted:

Sustainability Guest Speaker Videos
Available only as permitted by speakers and their perspective organizations and according to our staffing availability.

2014 This Way to Sustainability IX Conference (March 6-7, 2014)

2013 This Way to Sustainability VIII Conference (March 7-8, 2013)

2012 This Way to Sustainability VII Conference (March 1-3, 2012)

2010 This Way to Sustainability VI Conference (November 4-6, 2010)

2009 This Way to Sustainability V Conference (November 5-8, 2009)

2008 This Way to Sustainability IV Conference (November 6-9, 2008)

2007 This Way to Sustainability III Conference (November 1-4, 2007)

2006 This Way to Sustainability II Conference (November 5-6, 2006)

This Way to Sustainability I Conference was held in November, 2005

Sustainability Guest Speaker Videos
Available only as permitted by speakers and their perspective organizations and according to staffing availability.

March 7, 2014: “The Wisdom of a 3.8 Billion Year-Old Story”
Dr. Dayna Baumeister, Co-Founder, Biomimicry Guild Consulting

March 7, 2014: “This Way to Sustainability Conference IX: Keynote Speaker”
Karen Ross, Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture

March 6, 2014: “A Mindset for Change”
Anya Fernald, CEO, Belcampo and Founder, Food Craft Institute

March 6, 2014: “Perspectives on 21st Century Agriculture”
Michael Dimock,
President, Roots of Change

Earth Week 2014

March 7, 2013: "Northern Sacramento Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Update"
Vickie Newlin,
Butte County Department of Water and Resource Conservation

March 7, 2013: "California Water: Moving Toward a More Sustainable Future"
Heather Cooley,
Pacific Institute's Water Program

March 7, 2013: "Let's Talk About Water"
Panel Discussion

February 8, 2013 "The California Phenology Project: Linking plant phenology to climate change through citizen science"
Elizabeth Matthews, Postdoctoral Associate, California Phenology Project, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara

April 24, 2012: "The End of Growth: Adapting To Our New Economic Reality"
Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute

March 3, 2012: "The Climate Crisis: Science vs. Denial"
Dr. Peter Joseph,
The Climate Reality Project, Physicians for Social Responsibility

March 2, 2012: Cool Cuisine: Feed Your Body, Mind, and Planet
Laura Stec,
Corporate Chef for Pescadero Foods, Inc.

March 1, 2012: Keynote Speaker, This Way to Sustainability VII
Dr. Wallace "J." Nichols
Research Associate, California Academy of Sciences

February 20, 2012: "Explore the world of supervolcanoes & the widespread environmental impacts they have on Earth"
Dr. Clive Neal, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering & Geological Sciences, University of Notre Dame

November 10, 2011: “Some Things I Think I Know About The Murky Science of Climate”
Anthony Watts & John Christy (our apologies, this presentation was not successfully recorded)



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