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K-12 Greenie Award VOTING

Within the Chico Community Area for the “K-12 Greenie Awards” category, we will have three sub-categories. There will be K-6, 7-8, and 9-12, with first, second and third place winners for each will be announced Friday, March 7th after the Local Lunch in the BMU Auditorium. These student groups will be showing off their projects on Thursday, March 6th from 8-1 in the BMU Auditorium. Vote onsite starting at NOON or via the links below until 2:00 p.m. on Thursday. Of the following student groups nominated, click on the link below each to nominate the student group you feel most deserving of the award this year.

Inspire School of Arts & Science
International Baccalaureate Students (Pleasant Valley High School)

Notre Dame School Has Gone Green!
Parkview Elementary School - Operation Salmon Stream
Sherwood Montessori Grow-Cook-Eat

Inspire School of Arts & Science
As the pioneer class of AP Environmental Science in a relatively new school, we saw an opportunity to establish some "green habits" at our school and potentially teach our student body about the importance of living sustainability. Our service learning project is school-wide composting. We collect the lunchtime food waste that would normally end up in landfills, and divert it to the composting bin. Not only do we hope to eliminate unnecessary waste, we also hope to instill a greater level of awareness among our student body. One of the most important results of this class has been our increased insight and understanding about the effects we have on our World, and we hope to foster the same level of awareness in our peers. As a science class, we also monitor the pH level and various other indicators to learn more about healthy versus unhealthy conditions. At the end of the year, we plan on using the powerful soil amendment on our own campus. In addition to this project, our class has also done research into native plants and natural landscaping, as well as all the necessary mapping and planning to make planting possible. We plan on using the soil amendment on our campus when we landscape in the future.
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International Baccalaureate Students (Pleasant Valley High School)
The International Baccalaureate students worked hard to collect recycled materials to make a sustainable bottle brick bench on our campus. They stuffed plastic bottles with recycled materials to serve as the base and then used other sustainable materials to cover the bench and decorate while including a "window" to show the bottles to encourage the overall message to recycle and take care of our planet.
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Notre Dame School Has Gone Green!
In the Spring of 2013 we decided to see what we could do about making Notre Dame School more sustainable in our ever growing society. We met with a consultant from Chico State who visited our campus and created a report of recommendations and told us we were diverting only approx. 10% of our waste from the landfill. This was shocking and disappointing to say the least.
With the help from 7th & 8th grade student government members we began making changes to many areas of our campus. We added a “Resource Recovery Station” in our cafeteria for students to sort their waste. We changed our paper products to compostable and added reusable baskets, cups & silverware. We created sorting tubs for each lunch table to help students sort waste. Around campus we added sorting containers in our faculty lunch and copy rooms. Most importantly we got approval to change our school's trash service to one that could now pick up our sorted waste. This helped our cause and also helped the school save $60 a month on their bill!
We now have an Eco Club on our campus. The Eco Club has been teaching students & faculty how to become more sustainable through presentations and demonstrating through creating sustainable school events. We have created a TerraCycle recycling station and collect items from the cafeteria, classrooms and home to recycle. With all of these changes, the school now has a diversion rate of 73%! We still have more changes to make! We are raising funds to add uniform recycling containers to our campus and classrooms and would like to add a vermicomposting bench and school garden one day!
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Parkview Elementary School-Operation Salmon Stream
Through the lens of learning about salmon and steelhead, students are learning about resource conservation. By getting salmon eggs and watching them hatch in the classroom, then releasing them into the wild, students form a connection with this economically important fish. Through research, students have discovered threats to the salmon's sustainability, including water issues. Students created a short movie to teach other classes about salmon and some of the things humans have done to impact their populations. Research (including their own water testing done on Little Chico Creek) brought students to the conclusion that water conservation must be their focus in order to help the salmon, so they are writing a children's book that teaches why kids should conserve water and how they can do it.
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Sherwood Montessori Grow-Cook-Eat
Grow-Cook-Eat with Chef Richie (Richard Hirshen, CSU, Chico, 1985 BA - Psychology/Child Development) is the new cookbook published by Sherwood Montessori Press. Sherwood Montessori is a 501c3 non-profit K-8 public no-tuition charter school dedicated to sustainable education. Founded in August 2010, we began with a school garden-professional chef combination program that immediately expanded to include marketing (Friday School Farmer's Market), community outreach (CSU, Chico Nutrition Department internship participation), journalism (this is the second cookbook) and philanthropy (we donate garden kitchen classes to Rose Scott Open Structure Non-Profit School). Please read all about it in this week's Chico News & Review.
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