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An Inconvenient Sequel ~ National Campus Screening Event featuring access to live-streamed Q&A with Al Gore on October 26, 2017

We will be hosting a series of films during Campus Sustainability Month

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October 2017
Campus Sustainability Month - FILM Series

Space may be limited for each film so please arrive on time. If you plan to bring a student group, please notify us in advance!!

Just Eat It cover

Just Eat It

Wednesday, October 4th
Seating starts at 3:00 pm

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FREE Event - donated food items to support our Wildcat Pantry are appreciated

Filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant dive into the issue of waste from farm, through retail, all the way to the back of their own fridge. After catching a glimpse of the billions of dollars of good food that is tossed each year in North America, they pledge to quit grocery shopping cold turkey and survive only on foods that would otherwise be thrown away. In a nation where one in 10 people are food insecure, the images they capture of squandered groceries are both shocking and strangely compelling. But as Grant's addictive personality turns full tilt towards food rescue, the "thrill of the find" has unexpected consequences.

Featuring interviews with TED lecturer, author and activist Tristram Stuart, acclaimed author Jonathan Bloom, and food/agriculture scientist Dana Gunders, JUST EAT IT looks at our systemic obsession with expiration dates, perfect produce and portion sizes, and reveals the core of this seemingly insignificant issue that is having devastating consequences around the globe. JUST EAT IT brings farmers, retailers, inspiring organizations, and consumers to the table in a cinematic story that is equal parts education and delicious entertainment.


Sonic Sea image

Sonic Sea

Tuesday, October 10th
Seating starts at 3:00 pm

FREE Event - donated food items to support our Wildcat Pantry are appreciated

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A film by Michelle Dougherty and Daniel Hinerfeld

Oceans are a sonic symphony. Sound is essential to the survival and prosperity of marine life.
But man-made ocean noise is threatening this fragile world.

Sonic Sea is a powerful, visually stunning documentary about the impact of industrial and military ocean noise on whales and other marine life. It tells the story of a former US Navy officer who solved a tragic mystery and changed forever the way we understand our impact on the ocean. The film is narrated by Rachel McAdams and features Sting, in addition to the renowned ocean experts Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Paul Spong, Dr. Christopher Clark and Jean-Michel Cousteau. Sonic Sea was produced by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Imaginary Forces in association with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Diamond Docs. 


Death by Design image

Death by Design

Thursday, October 19th
Seating starts at 4:30 pm

FREE Event - donated food items to support our Wildcat Pantry are appreciated

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Consumers love - and live on - their smartphones, tablets and laptops. A cascade of new devices pours endlessly into the market, promising even better communication, non-stop entertainment and instant information. The numbers are staggering. By 2020, four billion people will have a personal computer. Five billion will own a mobile phone.

But this revolution has a dark side that the electronics industry doesn't want you to see.

In an investigation that spans the globe, award-winning filmmaker Sue Williams investigates the underbelly of the international electronics industry and reveals how even the tiniest devices have deadly environmental and health costs.

DEATH BY DESIGN tells the stories of young Chinese workers laboring in unsafe conditions, American families living with the tragic consequences of the industry's toxic practices, activists leading the charge to hold brands accountable, and passionate entrepreneurs who are developing more sustainable products and practices to safeguard our planet and our future.

From the intensely secretive electronics factories in China, to the high tech innovation labs of Silicon Valley, DEATH BY DESIGN tells a story of environmental degradation, of health tragedies, and the fast-approaching tipping point between consumerism and sustainability.

Inspired by First-Year Experience Program and the Book In Common 2017-2018


Inconvenient Sequel image

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

National Campus Screening Event
Will include access to live-streamed Q&A with Al Gore

Thursday, October 26th

Seating starts at 3:15 pm
Live Q&A followed by film, estimated start time is 4:15

FREE Event - donated food items to support our Wildcat Pantry are appreciated

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A decade after AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH brought the climate crisis into the heart of popular culture, comes the riveting and rousing follow-up that shows just how close we are to a real energy revolution. Former Vice President Al Gore continues his tireless fight, traveling around the world training an army of climate champions and influencing international climate policy. Cameras follow him behind the scenes – in moments both private and public, funny and poignant -- as he pursues the inspirational idea that while the stakes have never been higher, the perils of climate change can be overcome with human ingenuity and passion.


Ronnie Cummins, Co-Founder and International Director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA)

Ronnie Cummins photoFriday, October 27th
2:00-4:00 pm
Bell Memorial Union, Room 203
FREE and Open to the Public

Regenerative Food, Farming, and Land Use: Building Public Support and Marketplace Demand  for the Great Transition

Educating and mobilizing the U.S. and global grassroots, to spread the word of Regeneration and change the dynamics of the marketplace, and public policy, from local to global.EndFragment Building local, regional, and national coalitions to sign on and implement the global 4/1000 Initiative, so as to not only reach zero emissions, but to drawdown or sequester a critical mass of atmospheric carbon into our soils and forests over the next 25 years so as to reverse global warming, poverty, environmental degradation, and deteriorating public health.

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November 2017


Dr. Richard Teague, Associate Resident Director and Professor, Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Richard Teague photo

Thursday, November 9th
4:00-6:00 pm
Colusa Hall Room 100 A
Free and Open to the Public

Dr. Richard Teague utilizes a systems approach to develop land and livestock management practices that sustain natural rangeland resources and the well-being of the people depending on the land. His research provides insight into the extent that grazing strategies influence key ecosystem services, the economic viability of working ranches that contribute to the retention of open space and rural community health in the Southern Plains of the USA, the extent that different grazing management strategies can be used by livestock producers to mitigate and adapt to alternative climate scenarios, and the long term economic consequences of using alternative grazing management strategies to achieve rangeland restoration and production goals.

Dr. Teague’s presentation will focus on Adaptive multi-paddock (AMP) grazing and its ability to regenerate soil and watershed function, biodiversity, wildlife habitats and farm livelihoods. Early data shows that soil carbon is the essential currency for this vibrancy and ranches that have been studied at a cross-section of locations around North America are drawing down significant amounts of atmospheric CO2 into their soils, sequestering soil carbon that will stay for centuries, catalyzing the production of healthy food and clean water.

This presentation will be based on published work conducted in North Texas by Texas A&M AgriLife Researchers that found AMP grazing stored 3 tons of soil carbon more per hectare per year than conventional grazing did. This research has been extended throughout North America with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists from various institutions who are working together to determine the biological causal mechanisms and human elements that will be enhanced by improved management to regenerate ecosystem function, that provides ecosystem services and improves farm livelihoods in grazing land ecosystems in North America.

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