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2008 This Way to Sustainability IV Conference Information

Hosted by CSU, Chico, The Associated Students of CSU, Chico, Butte College and The Associated Students of Butte College ~ at California State University, Chico Campus.

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Purpose: The conference provides a forum to discuss issues that are relevant to our region, our community, and our faculty, staff, and students. We seek to develop common ground to help build a sustainable society; one that balances economic, environmental and social needs. We have an exciting list of keynote speakers and plenary sessions. We seek your ideas and proposals for workshops, seminars, posters, and facilitated discussions on these major themes:

  • Taking Action: Policy actions by municipalities, counties, as well as community and campus-based groups.
  • Food and Agriculture: Nutrition, organic agriculture, maintaining the viability of the family farm, protecting farmland.
  • The Green Economy: Preparing yourself and retooling for the green economy, investing in the green economy, certifying your business as green, and managing for sustainability.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Future technologies in building, transportation, and energy production.
  • Cultural, Ethical, and Spiritual Issues: Stewardship and religion, cultural differences, nature as a refuge.
  • Teaching Sustainability: K-12, college, fostering sustainable behavior, changing behavior on campus and in the community.
  • Images of the Natural World: Art, music, poetry.
  • Sustainability 101: Basics for beginners in all areas of sustainability.

Nominate for a Greenie Award

Recognize your sustainable peers.  Nominate them for a "Greenie" award now!  Winners will be recognized at the awards banquet Friday November 7.  Click here to nominate an individual, business, and non-profit organization.