Institute for Sustainable Development

Campus grounds connects with student groups regularly to keep the creek running through campus clean.


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

Campus Stewardship Policies

Top level support, institutional policies, and investment in the community are all essential components of successful sustainable development on campus. In order for the California State University, Chico to lead towards a sustainable future, successful environmental programs must persist and provide momentum for change throughout the campus.    

Presidents Climate Commitment

The American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment is a high-visibility effort to make campuses more sustainable and address global warming by garnering institutional commitments to reduce and ultimately neutralize greenhouse gas emissions on campus. The effort is modeled after the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. See the Program Overview.

Provost's Environmental Summit

Provost Scott McNall started informal monthly meetings in the fall of 2005 called Environmental Summit. Faculty, staff, students, and community members come together for the Environmental Summit to discuss topics of sustainability and to develop campus sustainable projects.

Executive Memorandum EM-9933

Executive Memorandum EM-9933 from the Office of the President issued on September 20, 1999 ensures that all vehicle purchases are looked at closely and alternative fuel vehicles are purchased when possible.

Strategic Plan for the Future of CSU, Chico

The Strategic Plan for the Future of CSU, Chico contains both a vision of the kind of institution CSU, Chico can become and a set of reasonable steps to take in getting there. There are currently five strategic priorities that focus on student learning, the role of faculty and staff, technological use, service to the community, and resource management. A sixth priority has been recently proposed to focus on campus sustainability.  

2005 Master Plan

The 2005 Chico State Master Plan seeks to comprehensively incorporate sustainable design approaches into the design of all physical campus elements and systems including campus site layout, circulation plans and systems, landscape and hardscape systems, building design, and campus infrastructure. The plan will also harmonize the human-built environment with natural systems and processes in such a way that non-renewable natural resources are conserved and that the natural environment maintains its capacity for healthy growth and regeneration. The plan states that where possible, the campus will utilize construction materials that have been recycled, are made of renewable natural resources, minimize the use of non-renewable natural resources, and minimize negative impacts upon the natural environment. The plan will build new and renovation projects to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Systemwide Sustainability Policy

Energy Conservation, Sustainable Building Practices, and Physical Plant Management Plan was passed by the CSU Board of Trustees in September 2005. Kathleen Kaiser has received the Outstanding Faculty Services Award at California State University, Chico. Kaiser recently completed a two-year term on the CSU Board of Trustees, and one of her accomplishments on this board was serving as the lead trustee on sustainability. She is responsible for the Chancellor's office decision to establish a committee of students and faculty to develop a systemwide sustainability policy.