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Solar Array Photo

The solar array on top of two campus rooftops generate about 300 kw of power per hour, estimating over $280,000 savings over a 20 year period.

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Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

Facilities, Buildings,
and Student Housing

The California State University, Chico focuses considerable attention on the function of its facilities, buildings, and student housing because they largely contribute to energy use on campus and can be models to educate our students about sustainable concepts. Integrating sustainable concepts and practices into the management of buildings, and the construction, design, and renovation of residential housing has been a high priority for this campus. 

Facilities Management and Services

Facilities Management and Services uses Green Seal-approved products to clean and supply building on campus, including H-2 Orange, a citrus based Hydrogen Peroxide all-purpose cleaner; Suporx, a hydrogen peroxide all-purpose cleaner; One Floor Plus Wax; Green Select floor stripper; and Green Seal Select toilet tissue to be used exclusively on campus.

Our Boiler Plant offers energy saving tips for easy reference at

The New Student Services Center (SSC)

The new Student Services Center (SSC) will be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified. The SSC is a 120,000 square-foot facility designed with the environment in mind and incorporating concepts such as nearness to alternative transportation, environmentally friendly landscape design, energy star compliant components, and incorporation of energy efficient equipment.

The Green Campus Program

Green Campus Program empowers students to stimulate energy savings in campus buildings and educate the campus community about the reasons and methods for saving energy. The Green Campus Program has been working with Facilities Management and Services and Housing to conduct a Residence Hall Energy Challenge in April 2006. This challenge will be an energy conservation competition between the Shasta and Lassen residence halls. By individually metering these halls, Green Campus will be able to calculate which residence hall conserves the most energy during the month, rewarding the winner with prizes!

Konkow House

The Konkow House is being retrofitted in partnership with Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) Green Campus Program from a standard student residence to the most sustainable living area on the Chico State campus by substituting sustainable living products for those typical in a college campus residence (e.g. ENERGY STAR® appliances, electronics, and lighting, bedding, body care products, office supplies, and kitchen supplies).