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Chico State recycled enough plastic, glass and aluminum combined to reduce 28,016 tons of Co2 from being released into the atmosphere.


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

Waste Management and Minimization

There are several hurdles and rewards associated with reducing and diverting campus waste from the landfill. Solid waste management is an essential component of reducing our impact on the environment while educating students and staff about their daily consumption choices. Through programs, champions, education, and support, California State University, Chico has achieved several successes in the area of solid waste management.  


The A.S. Chico Recycling Program (ASRP), started in May 1996, and since then has collected more than 632 tons of recyclable materials from more than 400 paper, beverage container, and compost locations on campus.

The Recycling Education Outreach Program, part of ASRP, has trained more than 150 future teachers and 2,000 elementary school students in waste reduction techniques.

Review our Recycling Policy - EM-00-065

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety oversees numerous waste disposal issues on campus, including new requirements for the disposal of items such as computer monitors, consumer electronic devices, fluorescent lamps, batteries, lighting ballasts, and other wastes that previously could be placed in the trash. EHS is responsible for ensuring that CSU, Chico is in compliance with the regulations applicable to the hazardous materials stored and utilized on campus and at the University Farm.

Facilities Management and Services

Facilities Management and Services has a strong solid-waste recycling and waste reduction program that includes cardboard recycling, scrap metal recycling, reducing dumpster loads, construction waste diversion, and old furnishings and materials diversions.