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SCOOP launches our 'Eco-Resident' Certification ~ Spring 2013

Application & Criteria


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Eco-Resident Certification

Hello residents of Shasta and Lassen! SCOOP is extremely proud to launch our ‘Eco-Resident’ Certification this Spring 2013 for the Wildcat Sustainability Showdown Competition. We have designed this certification in hopes of creating a cohesive, meaningful experience for the residents in Shasta and Lassen Halls. We are pleased to offer this simple certification for the residents so that they can apply these skills in their futures and encourage others of the importance of sustainable practices.

WHY should you consider achieving this certification?

  • To challenge yourself in this competition and to learn valuable skills that you can teach your peers, friends and family to use in their homes
  • To become a leader and to encourage others to lead by your positive example
  • So you can show off your award provided by SCOOP that you are a certified ‘Eco-Resident’
  • Give yourself a competitive advantage not only in the competition, but in your future!

SCOOP will proudly acknowledge and award those residents that complete a minimum of 10 of the 12 requirements:

  1. Sign up for ZimRide.
  2. Sign up for ZipCar.
  3. Download the City of Chico Bike Map and register your bike at the University Police Department.
  4. Install a power strip for major appliances.
  5. Commit to only using heat or AC rarely.
  6. Utilize reusable water bottles and shopping bags.
  7. Dedicate a box for collection of single-sided paper for reuse.
  8. Read the 'Green Book' and discuss it with your wing's Eco-Rep.
  9. Register for This Way to Sustainability Conference VIII by March 1st, 2013.
  10. 'Like' the Wildcat Sustainability Showdown on Facebook.
  11. Complete the PowerSave Pledge at
  12. Recruit another resident to apply for SCOOP's Eco-Resident Certification.

Applying for this certification is simple and will give you a competitive edge!
            Here’s How:

Any Questions? Email us at