Training & Professional Development

This website provides information about professional development opportunities, compliance training information and links to the employee Development and Training System (DTS) where users can register and complete online training.

The DTS will allow CSU, Chico faculty and staff to:

  • Review and register for instructor-led workshops 
  • Track completed and enrolled trainings
  • Enroll and launch web-based classes
  • Complete self-administered personal development

Need Help with the Development and Training System (DTS)?


Computer Setup Needed to Power Through an e-Course

IMPORTANT: Go to the Getting Started page to find out which browsers work and how to enable pop-ups.  Without this, you'll get stuck in the middle of the training.

My Assigned Training

How do you find your assigned training?


When do new or returning employees have access to the DTS?

Have you logged into the DTS and see a blank schedule or blank course catalogs? You will have access just before your first paycheck.


Got a "how to" question regarding the DTS?

Go to the DTS FAQs to find answers.

Understanding "Reports To"

In the PeopleSoft-HR system, positions report to positions.  This “reports to” field has implications for other processes and systems:

  • Ability to approve reported absences in AMSS
  • Assignment of "supervisor" training to those who lead or direct the work of other employees
  • Ability to view required training reports for managers and leads

All of the above functions are either "on" or "off" for a position in PeopleSoft-HR.


Got questions about Title IX training for employees?

We've got answers here.

Campus Events Calendar

Workshops are listed in the DTS, daily Announcements, as well as Campus Events.  To find workshops on the campus events calendar > filter for Training and Conferences & Workshops.

Campus Courses via Fee Waiver

Are you a state faculty, staff or management employee wishing to campus university courses via the CSU employee fee waiver/reduction program?  If so, click here.