Compliance Training

New Employees

If you are a new state employee--faculty, staff, manager, or student employee--you will need to complete required training as soon as you have a Chico State portal login and password. The required training is due upon employment and must be complete no later than 30 days after your first day of work. Work with your supervisor to schedule time and a location to complete the online training. Read emails from


  1. Setup your computer for the training.
  2. Login to the Training System using your campus work email/portal account login and password.
  3. Select Course Catalog.
  4. Click the folder for New Employee Training for Non-Supervisors (Faculty, Staff & Students) or New Employee Training for Leads, Chairs, Directors, Managers (Supervisors), whichever is most applicable. Note: The supervisor catalog is appropriate for anyone, including student employees, who lead and/or give work direction to others.
  5. Select Launch or Retake next to each title to open the course.

"Top Ten" Most Common Compliance Courses

The most common training courses that are required(*) or strongly encouraged(+) include:

  1. * CSU, Chico Emergency Management Orientation (10 min, once)
  2. * Emergency Action Plan (10 min, once)
  3. * Fire Prevention Plan (10 min, once)
  4. * General Safety (10 min, once)
  5. * Data Security & Privacy (45 min, every 3 years) - Security Awareness training
  6. * EDU: Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence (CSU) (45 min, every year) Title IX training
  7. * CSU: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Non-Supervisors (45 min, every year) or EDU Supervisor: Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation for Supervisors** (120 min, every 2 years)
  8. For selected positions: CSU Conflicts of Interest ** (45 min, every 2 years)
  9. For selected positions: HIPAA Basics ** (45 min, every year)
  10. For selected positions: EDU: FERPA + (45 min)
  • Defensive Driver Training ** (instructor led, 45 min, every 4 years)
  • EDU: Mandated Reporter + (45 min) - Child Abuse, Neglect and Reporting Act (CANRA) training
  • This list does not include job-specific safety training. Job& duties may require additional trainings be assigned to an employee.

Note: New Employee Orientation is assigned during the hire process for staff and faculty.

* Required of all state employee positions
** Required of selected positions
+ Strongly encouraged for all state employees

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* Required of all employee positions
** Required of selected positions

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