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W-2 & CEC Information

Temporary Virtual Process to Obtain Your W-2

Exciting News!! CSU, Chico (state) employees now have additional flexibility to utilize Cal Employee Connect (CEC)(opens in new window). You no longer must be on the campus network to register or access CEC. Now you can register using a personal email account and you can access from any device including your home computer. CEC is a secure, fast, free and convenient way to access 3 years of your W-2s and Earnings Statements. In addition, former employees, if they received pay in the last 3 years, can also register and utilize CEC.

If you have not registered for CEC, additional information on how to join can be found on the HR/Payroll Cal Employee Connect webpage. If you need help or have questions about what you are seeing in CEC, please contact your Payroll Technician. If you wish to provide feedback about what you like/dislike or suggestions for improvements in CEC, please write to

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  • How to access your W-2 online via Cal Employee Connect (CEC)

    The State Controller’s Office (SCO) now has a tool that will allow current and former state employees safe and secure access to view their earnings statements (including Direct Deposit Advice - DDA) and W-2s along with personal information.

    How to join:

    1. Have a recent paper pay stub in hand
      1. It has information you will need that is not available from Payroll or the Chico State Portal
      2. You must be a state-side employee
    2. Go to Cal Employee Connect(opens in new window)
    3. Select Register
    4. Follow the prompts to register using your campus or personal email account
    5. Once registered, you will be able to login to
      1. View and print your earnings statements/paychecks: current tax year and 2 tax years prior
      2. View and print W-2 information: 3 years are available
      3. Access to CEC will continue once you are no longer an active, state employee

    Cal Employee Connect login section.

    Cal Employee Connect icon sections for access, download and access information.


    The SCO plans on implementing more functionality based on your input. If you wish to provide feedback about what you like or think can be improved, please write to You will find links to this feedback address under the Help & Feedback tab within CEC portal.

  • Who can access CEC?

    Any state employee that have has received pay in the past three years can register and use CEC.

  • I want to register for Cal Employee Connect but don’t have a paystub?

    Current employees and individuals paid during the current and/or previous tax year

    Information necessary to register for Cal Employee Connect (CEC) is available in the Chico State Portal on the State Employee tab. You will use specific pieces of information from your paycheck information. You need the following important pieces of information to register in Cal Employee Connect (CEC):

    • Department = CSU Chico
    • Agency Code = 208
    • Earnings Statement Number = ‘Check/Advice Number’ from View Paycheck (e.g. 0X-XXXXXX)
    • Total Deductions: ‘Total Taxes’ + ‘Total Deductions’ from View Paycheck in HR Service

    You can obtain your ‘Check/Advice Number’, ‘Total Taxes’ and ‘Total Deductions’ from View Paycheck page

    To view your View Paycheck information, follow these steps:

    1. Login to Portal(opens in new window)
      1. Click on State Employee tab
      2. Scroll down to the Payroll and Compensation Information in the Personal Information section
      3. Select “View Paycheck History”
      4. Select ‘View Paycheck’ for your most recent pay
    2. Once there, you obtain ‘Check/Advice Number’ from the Net Pay Distribution section of the page. Add a leading zero and a hyphen after the second digit (see example in screenshot). This is the ‘Earnings Statement Number’ for CEC Registration.
      Under Net pay distribution Check/Advice Number, add a leading zero and a hyphen after second digit for CEC Regitration.  (e.g. 123456 would be 01-23456)
    3. You will also obtain the ‘Total Taxes’ and ‘Total Deductions’ from the Paycheck Summary section of the page. These two values MUST be added together for the “Total Deductions” field in CEC Registration.
      In Paycheck Summary Total Taxes and Total Deduction amounts need to be added together for "Total Deduction" field for CEC registration

    Former employees that received pay in the last 3 years, but pay was received prior to the previous tax year

    Email your Payroll Technician, explain that you no longer have access to the campus portal, would like to enroll in CEC to obtain your W-2 and you need the information below. Be sure to include your full name, Chico State ID number, birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY), employee type (student, staff, or faculty), and a phone number that is best for the payroll technician to can contact you if additional information is needed.

    You will need the following important pieces of information to register in Cal Employee Connect (CEC):

    • Earnings Statement Number (e.g. 0X-XXXXXX)
    • Total Deductions

    Once you have the necessary paystub/paycheck information (i.e., Department = CSU Chico, Agency Code = 208, Check/Advice Number, and Total Deductions) required by Cal Employee Connect, you can begin the process of creating a CEC account to download and print your W-2.

  • When are W-2 statements issued and mailed?

    W-2s are printed by the State Controller's Office and issued no later January 31 st. Your 2019 W-2 will be mailed to the most current home address on file with the CSU, Chico Human Resources Service Center (in CMS-HR) as of December 13, 2019.

    The State Controller's Office will have printed/mailed employee's 2019 Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement in late January. This includes wages paid in 2019 (December 2018 - November 2019 pay periods). W-2's are mailed to your home address on file with the campus Human Resources Services Center (as noted on the Personal Information Summary(opens in new window) page in HR Self Service). The bottom of the pay stubs and direct deposit advices for the October and November pay periods will include this information. If a form is undeliverable by the U.S. Postal Service it should be returned to the Human Resources Services Center (HRSC). If you do not receive your Form W-2, please contact HRSC at 530-898-6771.

    If you have any questions please contact the HRSC at 530-898-6771.

  • How do I check the address the W-2 will be mailed to?

    The State Controller’s Office may include the address information at the bottom of the pay stubs and direct deposit advices for the October and November pay periods. Please take a moment to visit the State Employee tab through the CSU, Chico Portal)(opens in new window) Connection. Click View My Personal Information Summary(opens in new window). At this site, you can view your Personal Information on the HR Employee Information tab and confirm your ‘Home’ address. This is the address where your W-2 will be sent. If a correction or update is needed, please visit the Human Resources Services Counter by Dec. 13  th to assure your W-2 form will be sent to the proper address. More information about Employee Address Changes is available online.

    In addition, HR would suggest that you take a few minutes and review all of your personal information. If you wish to do so, you may change your Emergency Contact information on line. All other changes must be done at the Human Resources Services Counter. Should you have any questions, please call Human Resources Services at 530-898-6771.

    If you are no longer employed with the university and wish for a returned W-2 to be mailed out to a new address, please follow the instructions below.

    Send an e-mail to and provide the information below:

    1. Name
    2. New Address
    3. New Phone Number
    4. Chico State ID (if known)
    5. Employee type (Student, Staff or Faculty)
    6. Last four digits of your SSN
  • I've lost, didn't receive, or need a duplicate copy of my W-2. What do I do?

    Check with the Human Resources Service Center (x6771, KNDL 220) to see if your W-2 was returned to the Payroll office. If not, then you can enroll in Cal Employee Connect to print a copy from online.

    If Cal Employee Connect is not accessible, a duplicate W-2 can be requested for a fee. To receive a duplicate W-2, complete the State Controller's Office Standard Form 436 (PDF) and mail directly to the State Controller's Office with Payment ($8.50 via money order or cashiers check). The request must include your name, Social Security Number, the tax year(s) being requested, your mailing address, a daytime telephone number, and your authorizing signature.

    2019 W-2 duplicate requests will not be accepted until after February 10, 2020, to allow time for W-2 delivery. Remember, Cal Employee Connect is a faster, free, and more secure way to obtain duplicate W-2's.

  • How do I get information about my IRS 1095-B, 1095-C?

    Additional information regarding IRS Forms 1095-B and 1095-C can be found on Annual Health Coverage Statements Required Under the Affordable Care insurance enrollment Act (ACA) website.