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Employee Address Changes

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Virtual Process for Address Changes

Payroll manages the HOME address for all state employees. While this address may be used for some employment correspondence, the most important reason to keep that address current is for W2 purposes. The State Controller’s Office will mail physical W2 forms to the HOME address on file.

To view your current HOME address, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Portal(opens in new window)
    1. 'View Personal Information Summary(opens in new window)' is located on the My Employee Information panel.
      1. You may need to click on the "My Portal' tab to see this section.
    2. Click ‘View Personal Information Summary’ in the Personal Information section
    3. View HOME address as currently reflected
    4. To update the address, follow the steps below

To request a change in your HOME address, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Adobe Sign HR-EAR Update(opens in new window) to initiate the Adobe Sign process
  2. Acknowledge Adobe Terms of Use & click Continue
  3. Select 'Address Change'
  4. Navigate/tab through the form paying attention to specific instructions
  5. Click to Sign
  6. Enter Chico State email address
  7. Click Continue
  8. Adobe Sign will email a link for confirmation
  9. Open email and click 'Confirm my email address'

You will receive email confirmation that your update has been signed and your request will be securely transferred to Payroll.

Check Your Current Address

Please take a moment to visit the State Employee tab through the CSU, Chico Portal(opens in new window) Connection. Click View My Personal Information Summary(opens in new window). At this site, you can view your Personal Information on the HR Employee Information tab and confirm your ‘Home’ address.

W-2 Address

For information about how to access your W-2 and where it will be mailed, please visit our W-2 web page. (Note the date by which address changes must be submitted for W-2's, typically early December.)

Student Employees

Student employees are encouraged to provide address changes to:

  1. Student Records via the Student Portal > Student Center
  2. Human Resources - using the process noted above
  3. If applicable, International Student Services

Past Employees

If you have received pay from the university within the current tax year [this calendar year] and are no longer working at Chico State, and would like to update the address to which a current tax year W-2 or correcting W-2 would be mailed [for this calendar year], please email the following information or if you have any questions.

Subject: Address Update for Inactive Employee

  1. Name
  2. New Address
  3. New Phone Number
  4. Chico State ID (if known)
  5. Employee Type (Student, Staff or Faculty)
  6. Last four digits of your SSN