Environmental Health and Safety

Defensive Driver Training

The CSU Vehicle Use Policy requires State employees (including student employees) to complete Defensive Driver Training every 4-years in order to drive a State, rental, or privately-owned vehicle, including electric carts, on State business.

To register for CSU Chico Defensive Driver Program Curriculum  log into CSU Learn

  • In the Search, type DDT and click on CSU Chico Defensive Driver Program Curriculum.
  • Click on SELECT and Register (located in the blue button at the top right hand corner.)
  • Please complete the digital copy of the Defensive Driver Information and Authorization for Release of Driver Record.
Send the forms inter-campus mail to EHS at Zip 0019 or deliver it in person to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. The EHS main office is located at the corner of Second and Normal Streets in the PARK2 building.  The EHS main phone number is: (530)898-5126.

To look up the expiration date of your Defensive Driver Training:

Look up your Defensive Driver Training Status

 Use of University and Private Vehicles