Academic Advising Programs


Advising Intern

Dasha was born and raised in Sacramento, California. She is an undergraduate currently working towards her BA in Political Science with the option in Legal Studies and a Paralegal Certificate. She loves all things legal studies-related and hopes to become a paralegal after graduating. Dasha has had several positive experiences with Chico State’s Academic Advising program and is excited to be a part of it herself. She's experienced first-hand how confusing it can be to navigate college life and it wasn’t until she went to the academic advising office that she gained some direction. She became motivated to become a part of the incredibly helpful student resource that is academic advising. She strives to have a positive impact on others by helping students succeed in their college careers. In her free time she likes to take long walks with her dog, watch tv, do yoga, and re-watch the Hunger Games series.

Portrait of Dasha