Academic Advising Programs

Undeclared Advising & Major Exploration

Advising Information for Undeclared Students

Advising staff provides assistance to undergraduate students who are in the process of exploring majors. Advisors can help you:

  • Discover ways in which you can create an educational experience that is uniquely yours by integrating a major with a minor, certificate program, and select electives. 
  • Explore a selection of general education courses that can introduce you to various majors and minors that might be of interest to you.
  • Choose an occupation and focus on an area of study that prepares for that career path.

Benefits of Declaring a Major

  • Build advising relationships with faculty who can help you...
    • Plan your class schedule
    • Benefit the most from your major, including double-counting courses from the major that fulfill other graduation and general education requirements.
    • Progress through the degree program as quickly as possible, if that is important to you.
    • Improve your chances for internships, job opportunities, or graduate school.
  • Receive information about new courses offered, changes in schedules, special speakers, and internships and job opportunities related to your major, such as faculty research, tutoring, grant-funded projects, and summer work.
  • Have opportunities to participate in student organizations and clubs which include opportunities for leadership, volunteerism, professional development, and networking with others who have similar career plans.
  • Become eligible for scholarships that are for declared majors only.
  • Network with other students from the major, including alumni.

Major Exploration

Each college offers a variety of diverse and exciting majors. Specific classes offer a glimpse of what the major has to offer.

Check out these helpful resources: