Academic Advising Programs

Academic Advising Programs Mission Statement

The mission of Academic Advising Programs at California State University, Chico is to provide an integrated array of effective academic advising services as well as resources and planning tools for students.

This integrated program will assist undergraduate and certain postgraduate students to make a successful transition to, and establish their place in, university life; to take responsibility for learning how to set academic, career, and personal goals, and the strategies for achieving them; and to graduate in a timely manner, successfully meeting all requirements. Integral to our mission is providing our staff with the training needed to adapt readily to the changing environment of our university workplace and the advising profession.

The unit’s primary activities are established in order to fulfill this mission, which is central to the University’s Strategic Priority #1: "Believing in the primacy of student learning, we will continue to develop high-quality learning environments both inside and outside of the classroom."