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How to Be an Antiracist: Discussion Questions and Chapter Resources

Discussion Questions

Ibram X. Kendi

Questions (PDF) provided on the author's website.

Meriam Library Diversity and Inclusion Team 

Questions(opens in new window) prepared for the Summer 2020 faculty/staff book group

Book in Common Team

Questions prepared for chapter-specific discussion groups.

Websites cited by Kendi in each chapter

My Racist Introduction

Chapter 1: Definitions

Chapter 2: Dueling Consciousness

Chapter 3: Power

No websites cited by Kendi in this chapter

Chapter 4: Biology

Chapter 5: Ethnicity

Chapter 6: Body (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) 

Chapter 7: Culture

Chapter 8: Behavior

Chapter 9: Color

Chapter 10: White

Chapter 11: Black (PDF)

Chapter 12: Class (PDF)

Chapter 13: Space

Chapter 14: Gender (PDF)

Chapter 15: Sexuality (PDF)

Chapter 16: Failure

Chapter 17: Success

Chapter 18: Survival
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