Book in Common

The Best We Could Do Planning Team

Nicole Fox (Criminal Justice, Sacramento State)

Josh Funk (Art)

Susan Green (Multicultural and Gender Studies)

Nathaniel Heggins Bryant (English)

Trevor Lalaguna (Art)

Jeff Livingston (History)

Maihoua Lo (President, Asian & Pacific Islander Council, and Financial Aid & Scholarship Office)

Tang Lor (Humanities and Fine Arts)

Lateasha Meyers (Multicultural and Gender Studies)

Browning Neddeau (School of Education and Multicultural and Gender Studies)

Jason Nice (History and Honors Program)

Laura Nice (Comparative Religion and Humanities)

William Nitzky (Anthropology)

Sue Peterson (First-Year Experience)

Adrienne Scott (Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology)

Tricia Sweet (Honors Program)

Bretton Varga (School of Education)

Choua Xiong (Multicultural and Gender Studies)

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Email to join this team in organizing events and resources for our community read of Thi Bui's The Best We Could Do

Or if you don't have time to join the planning team, but have ideas for events or resources please let us know!