Biological Sciences

Rebecca Brunelli


Office Hours(opens in new window)

Text # (530) 580-8082

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Living Systems (BIOL 102)
  • Biology of Sex (BIOL 323)


  • Chico Science Fair
  • Conservation Ambassadors
  • Wild Things Inc.
  • Bidwell Wildlife Rehab
  • North Valley Animal Disaster Group
  • Rat Assistance and Teaching Society

Research Interests:

  • Welfare of captive animals
  • Gender, URM, and class size effects on learning in biology classes 


Ballen, C.J., Aguillon, S.M., Brunelli, R., Drake, A.G., Wassenburg, D., Weiss, S.L., Zamudio, K.R., and Cotner, S. (2018).  Do small classes reduce performance gaps in STEM?  Bioscience.

Brunelli, R., Rommeck, I., McCowan, B, Willits, N. (2014).  Effects of a Response Contingent Feedback Surrogate on Infant Behavioral Development in Nursery-Reared Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta). Journal of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science.

Portrait of Rebecca Brunelli