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Each BIOL/MICRO student is assigned a faculty member as a major advisor. If you are switching to BIOL from another major, the office staff will assign you an advisor.  We try to assign advisors specific to each degree option: Cell & Molecular, EEO, or Plant BIOL.  In addition, most faculty help advise students in our BA who desire careers in health fields or teaching.  

Your major advisor is listed on the right when you log into your Student Center.  Although we do not require mandatory advising to enroll in classes, we strongly encourage you to meet with your advisor every semester.  Some advisors will contact their advisees each semester, but you may always request help at any time, or talk to other faculty members as well as your advisor.  See the faculty page (opens in new window) for contact information.

 In addition, there is academic advising available from the College of Natural Sciences NSC Student Success Lab & Advising(opens in new window) or University Academic Advising Academic Advising Programs(opens in new window).  You may find advising from multiple sources helpful, since some BIOL faculty focus on courses in the major, while others also discuss GE courses.

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