Biological Sciences

Dr. Emily J Fleming

Assistant Professor


Current Courses: BIOL 412 Bacterial Physiology (Spring 2015). Additional Course: BIOL 371 General Microbiology, BIOL 611 Application of the Scientific Method to Questions in the Biological Sciences. Please check Blackboard for the most up to date information regarding your courses.


I advise Microbiology students emphasizing in either Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) or General Microbiology.

Research projects:

Microorganisms are crucial to regulating ecosystems through their eco- physiology. My students and I grow and probe bacteria that produce rust as well as oxidizing other metals. These bacteria, metal-oxidizing bacteria generate large quantities of biogenic iron oxides slow stream flows, entraining nutrients and heavy metals. Abundant in streams and mines in Northern California our lab is working to understand the role these bacteria play in heavy- metal toxicity and their connection to carbon cycling. In addition to the laboratory research projects, my students, my colleagues, and I are working to bring microbiology into the high-school class-room through a citizen science project on metal bacteria in our water systems.