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Portrait of Shaine Hill
Shaine Hill
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Kate Ronan
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Sherrie Wolcott

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Tuttle, MollyTAHOLT253

Retired Faculty

Abruzzo, Michael
Professor Emeritus
Research: Molecular cytogenetics, especially Fragile X syndrome.

Barnett, Raymond
Professor Emeritus  

Day, Jonathan R.
Professor Emeritus 

Derr, William
Professor Emeritus

Edelmann, Patricia
Professor Emeritus

Hanne, Larry
Professor Emeritus

Kistner, David
Professor Emeritus
Research: Insect social behavior, Insect Systematics; Host relationships. Editor, Sociobiology..

Marcum, Bev
Professor Emeritus
Research: Morphogenesis in developing systems, mechanisms of regeneration, pattern formation, and cell differentiation; specifically, using cnidaria as developmental models.

McEnteggart, Ailsie
Research: Morphology of freshwater algae.

James Pushnik
Professor Emeritus
Research: General research interests are in the physiological response mechanisms of plants to environmental stresses and their impact on growth and development.

Thomas, Robert
Professor Emeritus