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Biological Sciences

Faculty & Staff


Portrait of Shelly Kirn
Shelly Kirn
Portrait of David Stachura
David Stachura


Teaching Associates

TA List
Frazer, CodyHOLT301
Haddad, KarinaHOLT253
Perez, Isis HOLT253
Raether, Constantin HOLT373
Rice, Cody HOLT253
Romo, Kaitlyn HOLT253
Scannell, Laura HOLT253

Retired Faculty

Abruzzo, Michael
Professor Emeritus
Research: Molecular cytogenetics, especially Fragile X syndrome.

Barnett, Raymond
Professor Emeritus

Derr, William
Professor Emeritus

Edelmann, Patricia
Professor Emeritus

Hanne, Larry
Professor Emeritus

Kistner, David
Professor Emeritus
Research: Insect social behavior, Insect Systematics; Host relationships. Editor, Sociobiology..

Marcum, Bev
Professor Emeritus
Research: Morphogenesis in developing systems, mechanisms of regeneration, pattern formation, and cell differentiation; specifically, using cnidaria as developmental models.

McEnteggart, Ailsie
Research: Morphology of freshwater algae.

James Pushnik
Professor Emeritus
Research: General research interests are in the physiological response mechanisms of plants to environmental stresses and their impact on growth and development.

Thomas, Robert
Professor Emeritus