Communication Sciences and Disorders

Office Hours

Fall 2022

(O) = Online office hours, email provided for contact with a faculty member
(P) = In–Person office hours, office location & Phone number provided. Must wear a mask

CMSD Full-Time Faculty Email, and Office Hours

Full–TimePhone/Office/EmailOffice Hours
LAWRENCE, Jessikax4286/AJH 130B/
T 10-12P; W 9-11P (P) (O)
MARTIN, Kenyanx4277/AJH 130D/
M 9-12P (P)
MCCOY, David4652/AJH 130E/ dkmccoy@csuchico.eduT 12:30-2P; R 2-3:30P (O)
MILLER, Suzanne5949/AJH 114C/
W 10-12P (O)
STEFFANI, Susanx6838/AJH 130A/
M 9-11A; T 9-10A (P)
WILLI, Meganx6394/AJH 130C/  M 12-2P (P); T 12-2P (O)

CMSD Part-Time Faculty Email, and Office Hours

Part–TimePhone/Office/EmailOffice Hours
ANDERSON, Anitax5902/AJH 107A/

TR 1-2P (P)

BURKE, Johnx5902/AJH 107A/
MW 10-11A (O)
MEYER, Nicolex6590/AJH 107B/ ndmeyer@csuchico.eduT 3:30-4:30P (P)
PEARCE, Leighlmpearce@csuchico.eduM 4-5P (O)

4517/AJH 112A/

MW 11:30-12P (P); F 11-12P (P) (O);
TR 11-12P (O)
SMYSER, Erinx6590/AJH 107B/ esmyser@csuchico.eduMW 11:30-12P (P); F 11-12P (P) (O); TR 11-12P (O)
WILLIS, Haley4517/AJH 112A/ hmcgrath@csuchico.eduM 11-1P (O)