Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Multicultural Graduation Celebrations

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

Multicultural graduation celebrations bring together students of similar cultural backgrounds to honor their heritage and celebrate their academic accomplishments.

These celebrations do not replace the standard University commencement ceremonies. They are additional celebrations smaller in scale scheduled at times that allow students to participate in multiple graduation ceremonies. In addition to our University Commencement Ceremonies for your Academic Department(s), you are also invited to participate in our Multicultural Graduation Celebrations, which will take place on:

Friday, May 10

Asian & Pacific Islander Graduation Celebration
6 p.m.
Harlen Adams Theatre (PAC 144) and PAC Courtyard
Contact: Mai K. Her - mher16@csuchico.edu

Tuesday, May 14
Native American Graduation Celebration
6 p.m.
BMU Auditorium
Contact: Amber Noel-Camacho - anoel-camacho@csuchico.edu
Wednesday, May 15
Veterans Graduation Celebration
6 p.m.
Harlen Adams Theatre (PAC 144) and PAC Courtyard
Contact: Larry Langwell - llangwell@csuchico.edu
Thursday, May 16
International Student Graduation and Bon Voyage Celebration
4 p.m
SSC 440
Contact: Tasha Alexander - tmalexander@csuchico.edu
Friday, May 17
Lavender Graduation Celebration
3 p.m.
Harlen Adams Theatre (PAC 144) and PAC Courtyard
Registration Form, or Contact: Susan Frawley - sfrawley@csuchico.edu
Saturday, May 18
Latinx Graduation Celebration #1
12:30 p.m.
Laxson Auditorium
Contact: lgrad@csuchico.edu 
Latinx Graduation Celebration #2
3:00 p.m.
Laxson Auditorium
Contact: lgrad@csuchico.edu
Date and time is tentative, please see additional information on Latinx Graduation Celebration website.
Saturday, May 18
Black Graduation Celebration
2 p.m.
Harlen Adams Theatre (PAC 144) and PAC Courtyard
Contact: Dominique Silva Soares - dsilva18@csuchico.edu 
Additional information on Black Graduation Celebration website.

Sunday, May 19
Project Rebound Celebration
1 p.m.
Sylvesters 100
Contact: Gabriela Medina Falzone  gfalzone@csuchico.edu
Additional information: Registration Form  https://forms.office.com/r/3zg0LA5ZmD

These celebrations provide an opportunity to acknowledge your academic achievements and honor your family, friends, and other significant people who have helped you achieve this amazing accomplishment. The ceremonies are open to all students who would like to sign up and participate.

Additional commencement details can be found by visiting the Commencement Schedule website.