Department of Economics

Amanda Hoskins

  • Graduated: 2009
  • Field: University Administrator

Amanda Hoskins(opens in new window), who graduated in 2009 with a BA in Economics and Anthropology, is senior director of the Oregon Health and Science University Foundation(opens in new window) in Portland, Oregon.  While a student Amanda was vice president of the Chico State Economics Club , a member of CAVE and she played on the intramural women’s’ soccer team(opens in new window).

After graduation Amanda completed a six months internship as an investigator for the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office(opens in new window).  The following year she worked as an office manager for P.K. Willis(opens in new window) in Eldorado County, California. 

In 2010 Amanda moved to Salt Lake City where she worked as event manager for the University of Utah(opens in new window).  While working full time, Amanda also completed her MBA from Utah State University(opens in new window) in May of 2013. After filling a variety of initial roles including event coordination, donor relations, and gift officer, Amanda was promoted to the Director of Prospect Research in 2014. This role required the use of database analytics to identify and supply donor prospects to the team of gift officers. 

In 2017 Amanda was promoted to director of Advancement Services and in 2018 to director of  Advancement Services(opens in new window) and Data Architecture(Last Updated 7/15/19)
Portrait of Amanda Hoskins