Department of Economics

John G. Smale Award

For Outstanding Achievement in Economics

Each year, the Department of Economics honors one or two of its graduates with the Smale Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics.

The award is named after Dr. John G. Smale, Jr., Professor Emeritus and founder of CSU, Chico's Department of Economics. Dr. John G. Smale, born in 1902, taught the first class in economics at CSU, Chico in 1942, but it was not until the 1950's that Economics was organizaed as a Department within the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Dr. Smale was the first chair of the Economics Department at CSU, Chico.

The award is given in the spring on the Friday before graduation at an awards ceremony. Smale's daughter, Elizabeth Carlson, has continued her father's tradition of personally handing out this award since her father passed away.

Criteria for The John G. Smale Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement:

  • Graduating senior majoring in Economics
  • Scholastic achievement above 3.0 GPA
  • Demonstrated excellence in Economics courses
  • Commitment to Economics as a profession
  • Outstanding writing ability
  • Ability to carry out independent economic research
  • Submission of a Statement of Goals to Dept. of Economics

Recipients of Smale Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: While at CSU, Chico, these students distinguished themselves as outstanding scholars.

1981: Sandra J. Bengsston
1982: Karen D. Hayre
1983: Jay D. Chamberlain
1984: Christopher E. Kaufman
1985: Heidi C. Tatti
1986: Jack Metcalf
1987: Patrick J. McGovern
1988: Marilyn Ladd
1989: Joon Boun Park
1990: Christina Morkner-Brown
1991: Elizabeth A. Wilson
1992: Robert C. Eyler
1993: L. Knox Marshall
1994: Russell Hammond and Jorge Carballo
1995: Shelley M. Way
1996: John H. Rivers, Jr.
1997: Elizabeth M. Cantrall
1998: Matthew S. Deatrick and Sherry Metcalf
1998: Anna A. Polozova
1999: Daniel P. DeAraujo
2000: Keiko Kitao
2001: Elvira A. Howe
2002: Constant I. Tra
2003: Travis G. Coan
2004: Iris D. (Jensen) Ponsano and Yosuke Sakashita
2005: Jeffrey J. Felardo, Ashleigh J. Hoyt and Kota Minegishi
2006: Juan Solis
2007: Kota Minegishi
2008: Kana Kobayashi
2009: Gregory Turcotte
2010: Jenner Gwinup
2011: Simon Hermann
2012: Timothy Fairchild
2013: Michael Karp
2014: Bryan Goularte
2015: Connor Franklin
2016: Matthew Kelm
2017: Jordan Baird
2018: Charity Zimmerman
2019: Nicholas Moreau