Department of Economics

Brandon Gester

  • Graduated: 2008
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship

Brandon Gester(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2008, is a project engineer with Reconstruction Services(opens in new window) in San Francisco, California.  Brandon enrolled at Chico Sate as an engineering major, but he switched to economics by the end of his first semester. 

“I am an economics major because I am lazy,” Brandon declared in a paper that he wrote in his capstone class (ECON 495) for the economics major.  “I like to do things with as little effort as possible.  When you know the most efficient solution to a problem, it takes less time, money, or effort, any of which makes it worthwhile to me.”

 Brandon served on the Executive Board of Phi Delta Theta(opens in new window) fraternity at Chico State.  After graduation he worked as a sales supervisor at Best Buy(opens in new window) where they awarded him Employee of the Year in 2010.   In 2012 Brandon signed on with Alamo Capital(opens in new window) as a fixed income trading assistant and administrator(opens in new window).   While working for Alamo, Brandon earned his Series 7 license(opens in new window). Brandon has been working for Reconstruction Services since the end of 2015. (Last Updated 8/27/18)

Portrait of Brandon Gester