Department of Economics

Brandt Dietz

  • Graduated: 2011
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship

Brandt Dietz(opens in new window), who graduated in 2011 with a BA in Economics and an Option in Environmental, owns and operates Dietz Livestock, Land and Contracting(opens in new window), a ranching and real estate business near Denver, Colorado.  In 2009 while a student at Chico State, Brandt began working as a site foreman for LandCrafts Construction(opens in new window) in Chico. 

Brandt continued working for LandCrafts for a year after he graduated when he left to open his own business.  Brandt incorporated Dietz Livestock, Land and Contracting in June 2016.  (Last Updated 1/25/20)

Portrait of Brandt Dietz