Department of Economics

Christopher E. Kaufman

  • Graduated: 1984
  • Field: Technology

Christopher E. Kaufman(opens in new window), who graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Economics in 1984, is a technical business analyst for the University of California Davis(opens in new window).  He received the Smale Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics. Christopher came to Chico State in 1981 with his Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration from Pasadena City College(opens in new window)

 After leaving Chico he went on to earn his MA in Economics(opens in new window) from CSU Los Angeles(opens in new window) in 1990. It was at CSULA where he transitioned into a career in information technology. Starting at an entry level position in 1987 Christopher rose to assistant director of internet technology in 2005 and the director of IT for Fuller Seminary(opens in new window) in 2007.  Christopher also worked as a part-time lecturer teaching internet marketing classes at CSULA from 1999 – 2010.

After leaving CSULA Christopher worked for five years as an information systems manager for the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO).  He continues his career as an IT professional currently working remotely for the University of California Davis(opens in new window) as an Application Developer.

Christopher attributes his ability to fashion a career in the information technology field back to the training he received from his economics courses. "The problem-solving skills I developed at Chico is the main reason I was able to go from an entry level position to being an IT director,” he stated in an email. This thing called the Internet exploded and I was able to catch that wave and figure out my way always being that person between those who make the technology and those who use it. That's been my niche and I couldn't do that without the analytical/problem solving skills I was able to learn while at Chico." (Last updated 6/12/19)

Portrait of Christopher E. Kaufman