Department of Economics

Connor Franklin

  • Graduated: 2015
  • Field: Education

Connor Franklin(opens in new window), who received his BA in International Economics with Honors and a minor in International Studies in 2015, teaches history at Sycamore Middle School in Gridley, California.  During his senior year he began working for Chico State Center for Economic Development(opens in new window) as a research assistant where he analyzed data and prepared reports. He was also a grader and a tutor for the Economics Department, and he found time to work in sales at Collier Hardware(opens in new window).  Connor was awarded the Smale Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics and the Smale Scholarship for Excellence in Economics, 2014-2015.

After graduation Connor worked as a program administrative analyst for the State Compensation Insurance Fund(opens in new window). He also participated in Workforce Solutions’ emerging leader program where he received rotational assignments through various departments.

In 2017 Connor completed his single subject teaching credential in Social Studies at Chico State.  During the summer of 2017 Connor was a camp counselor at the Chico Creek Nature Center(opens in new window) where he led camp activities and supervised counselors-in-training. In late 2017 and early 2018 Connor was a home hospital teacher at Durham Unified School District before becoming a long-term substitute teacher at Blue Oak Charter School(opens in new window) in Chico.  He has taught history at Sycamore Middle School since the fall semester of 2018.  He is also a co-teacher at Durham High School. 

“Economics will help me in my career in that it helps me think in logical, analytical ways” he stated in a recent email.  (Last Updated 5/14/19)

Portrait of Connor Franklin