Department of Economics

Dan Blair

  • Graduated: 2004
  • Field: Government, Management/Entrepreneurship

Dan Blair(opens in new window), who competed his BA in Economics in 2004, is a Senior Government Relations Representative within PG&E(opens in new window) Corporate Affairs Department. In this role he's responsible for developing and maintaining a strong governmental, political, and community network within PG&E in direct support of the company’s Electric Operations business unit and in collaboration with the existing Government Relations organization.  This includes supporting capital projects with permitting, alignment with local development standards, and community outreach.

Prior to joining PG&E in November of 2011, Dan worked for Butte County(opens in new window) where he was a Management Analyst, Manager of Program Development, and Senior Management Analyst. As a member of the Administrative Office, he focused on grant writing and management, economic and community development, budget and fiscal analysis, financial and capital planning, public information and outreach, policy writing and implementation, and general government management.

"Without my degree in Economics, I would not have been considered for the opportunity to be a member of the Butte County Administrative Office," Dan stated in a recent email.  "Because this position focused on economic development and financial planning, the County preferred a degree in Economics.  After completing my Master’s Degree in Political Science in 2011, I accepted my current position with PG&E. The combination of Economics and Political Science degrees was a key factor in being selected for this position. My degree in Economics offered a broad understanding of business, finance, market trends, management, and political climate. As opposed to focusing on one narrow subject, Economics gave me the training to analyze and to assess real world situations with a foundational understanding of how and why the business world operates the way it does. My degree opened up several doors for me and I have no doubt that it was the right educational path for me to take."  (Last Updated 4/26/19)

Portrait of Dan Blair