Department of Economics

David Kelley

  • Graduated: 1995
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant, Government

David Kelley(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1995, is manager for the City of Cloverdale, California(opens in new window). While an undergraduate he worked for Regional and Economic Sciences and just before he finished his economics degree at Chico, he began working for another local firm, Rural Consulting Associates, where he was busy as a planning consultant engaged in economic analysis and political negotiations. In 1998 he became Director of Planning at the LAFCO Executive Office(opens in new window) for Colusa county.

In 2001 David moved on to Rocklin, California where he worked for three years as Senior Project Manager for Foothill Associates. In this role David managed the application processing for private development companies. After leaving Rocklin he accepted a position as senior management analyst with the Town of Windsor(opens in new window), California. In this position David was responsible for information technology and IT training programs, capital planning and budgeting, risk management, and project-based accounting. In 2011 David was promoted to assistant town manager for Windsor. In 2013 David graduated with an MBA from Sonoma State and continued working for the Town of Windsor for another 2 years as special projects manager. In early 2016 David accepted a position as assistant city manager for Cloverdale.

When asked about the importance of his degree in economics, David stated that "The program provided training in qualitative and quantitative methodology and facilitated understanding of economic theory and policy as well as the ability to apply that theory to the real world." (Last Updated 6/4/2018)

Portrait of David Kelley