Department of Economics

Jorge Issac Carballo Quintanilla

  • Graduated: 1994
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship, Technology

Jorge Issac Carballo Quintanilla, who graduated with a BA in Economics and the Smale Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in 1994, is general manager at Alliance Protective in Nicaragua.  Alliance Protective owns and manages the optic infrastructure in Nicaragua.  During his senior year at Chico State Jorge worked at the Center for Economic Development on campus. 

After graduation Jorge returned to Nicaragua where he accepted a job as brand manager for Roberto Teran Corporation. In 1999 he joined Editronic, an ex-ray products manufacturer, as vice manager.  In 2001 he moved on to become manager of exports for Parmalat in Managua, Nicaragua.  In 2005 Jorge joined ESKIMO in Managua as marketing and sales manager.  

Jorge was general manager for Toro Industries, a leather and footwear manufacturer in Managua, Nicaragua from 2013 until 2015.  In 2015 Jorge graduated with his Master in Business Administration at American University in Managua, Nicaragua.  (Last Updated 9/1/16)

Portrait of Jorge Issac Carballo Quintanilla