Department of Economics

Lingfei Ni

  • Graduated: 2012
  • Field: University Administrator

Lingfei Ni(opens in new window), who graduated with Honors in the Major in 2012, is executive assistant to the Department Chair at the Stanford University School of Medicine(opens in new window).  In 2011 the Department awarded Lingfei the John Smale Scholarship for Excellence in Economics.  As an economics majors at Chico State Lingfei worked tirelessly as a research assistant, a teaching assistant and a grader for Dr. Ruben Sargsyan and for Dr. Michael Perelman. He also spent many productive hours as a tutor for the Department of Economics. 

In 2010 the Economics Department gave Lingfei the Francis Economics Award for returning economics majors. In 2010-2011 the Department awarded him the General Douglas MacArthur Scholarship for his "exceptional academic achievement." In 2011 Lingfei received the Provost's Undergraduate Award for Research and Creativity to fund his proposal to create a disequilibrium model for the People's Republic of China under the guidance of Professor Ruben Sarsygan.

After graduation Lingfei served as a Summer Fellow at the American Institute for Economics Research(opens in new window) in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where he completed three research papers on monetary economics, property rights, and economic methodology.

In 2016 Lingfei interned with the executive vice-president of AXA Advisors LLC in San Mateo, California.  After four months of his internship, AXA gave Lingfei a job as senior assistant to the Executive Vice President. He advised the firm about economic issues that affect their client’s retirement plans.

Before Lingfei joined AXA he worked as research assistant to the chief economist, Dr. Timothy Kane, at the Hudson Institute(opens in new window) in Washington D.C. where he was in charge of gathering data, generating variables, and performing regressions analysis for Dr. Kane’s empirical research project on startup firms in the 50 states.  Lingfei also contributed to Dr. Kane’s book, Balance: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America(opens in new window), with Dr. Glenn Hubbard, Dean of the business school at Columbia University. 

In a recent email, Lingfei said that, " My time in the Chico Econ Department has been the happiest, most rewarding period in my life. I was able to learn, create, and express myself freely."   (Last Updated 11/26/18)

Portrait of Lingfei Ni