Department of Economics

Matt Yancey

  • Graduated: 2001
  • Field: Finance, Sales/Retail

Matt Yancey (James M. Yancey), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2001, is a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Davis, California. Matt enrolled at Chico State after leaving American River College in 1998. While he was at Chico State Matt worked as a research intern for the Center for Economic Development (CED) during the first semester of his junior year. During the last semester of his senior year he worked for CED as a project coordinator where he supervised the production of an economic indicator report for counties in northern California. 

After graduation Matt found employment with an economic consulting firm, Applied Development Economics (ADE), at their Sacramento office. After working as an associate, preparing grant applications and researching economic data, Matt was promoted to associate project manager for planning services in 2005. 

Matt left ADE in 2007 to become director of business and economic development for the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce where he worked for over 7 years before moving on to be CEO of the Chamber of Commerce in Davis, California. After a little over a year at Davis, Matt moved on to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) where he provided public policy support. 

In 2019 after over 3 years with SMUD Matt changed careers to become a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Davis, California, where he is currently working.  (Last Updated 9/28/20)

Portrait of Matt Yancey