Department of Economics

Matthew Jafari

  • Graduated: 2013
  • Field: Environment, Management/Entrepreneurship

Matthew Jafari(opens in new window), who graduated in 2013 with a BA in Economics, is manager at Specialized Fibers, a recycling facility in Corning, California. Before enrolling at Chico State Matthew completed his AA degree in Natural Science in 2011 at Shasta College. 

In the summer between Shasta College and Chico State Matthew interned at HealthRIM, a computer software firm that manages patient data. Matthew states on his LinkedIn page the “I actively participated in research and marketing strategy sessions and proposed new ideas for inclusion in the overall HealthRIM product marketing strategy.

During his junior and senior year at Chico State Matthew was on the Dean’s List. After graduation Matthew began working for Specialized Fibers.

“Economics set the basic foundation of what I do on a daily basis” Matthew stated in a recent email. “Running operations at one of northern California's largest recycling processors I learned how to best utilize my limited resources finding balance between capital and labor. Economics fine-tuned my understanding about how markets operate to create arbitrage opportunities between domestic and international pricing.” (Last Updated 6/29/16)

Portrait of Matthew Jafari