Department of Economics

Nicholas Fabish

  • Graduated: 2017
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant, Sales/Retail

Nicholas Fabish, who graduated in 2017 with a BA in Economics and a minor in Psychology, is currently a sales representative at Compass Equipment Inc in Oroville, California. Nicholas enrolled at Chico State in 2015 after completing his Associate Degree in Social and Behavioral Science in 2014 at Butte College. While an undergraduate at Chico State, Nicholas supported his family and himself during his time at CSUC by working as a team leader at Target. During his senior year Nicholas worked as a research assistant at the Center for Economic Development. He also served as vice president of the Economics Club. After graduation Nicholas went to work for Compass Equipment where he is currently working.

"The field of economics emboldened my critical thinking skills in many ways,” Nicholas stated in a recent email. “I've performed several specific cost/benefit analyses that have allowed the company I work for to become increasingly agile in their business decisions allowing them to plan long-term with confidence. I have also successfully been able to learn and adapt to challenging roles that extend beyond my immediate tasks that include logistical, financial, and managerial functions. The variety of economic subjects and training has opened my mind and has allowed me to apply economic theory to the workforce with success." (Last Updated 9/13/20)

Portrait of Nicholas Fabish