Department of Economics

Riley Borges

  • Graduated: 2012
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship, Sales/Retail

Riley Borges, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2012 and a minor in Ethics, is a dealer account representative at GM Financial in St. Louis, Missouri.  After graduation he accepted a position as buyer for ProPacific in Durham, California. Two and one-half years later he moved into sales with ProPacific in Chico. 

In 2017 Riley took a job with as account manager at Work Truck Solutions, a firm that provides consulting services for firms managing and selling commercial vehicles. Riley spent 2 years with Work Truck Solutions as the lead sales coach.

Riley moved to GM Financial in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2019 where he worked for six months as strategic account manager before transferring to St. Louis, Missouri, where he is currently working as a dealer account representative. (Last Updated 12/10/18)

Portrait of Riley Borges