Department of Economics

Spencer Hardey

  • Graduated: 2009
  • Field: Finance, Technology

Spencer Hardey(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2009, is a senior financial analyst at HG Insights(opens in new window) in Santa Barbara, California. After graduation Spencer enrolled in graduate school at Chico State and began working for the Community Legal Information Center(opens in new window) as an office manager with 120 paralegal interns who he supervised as part of the Chico State program. Spencer also enrolled in the graduate program at Chico State in 2009.

In 2010 while working on his MBA Spenser left CLIC for a job with State Street Bank(opens in new window) in Sacramento as fund accountant. He completed his MBA at Chico State in 2012 and State Street promoted Spencer to accounting and pricing specialist. In 2013 State Street promoted Spencer to the position of officer.

In 2014 after almost 4 years with State Street, Spencer took a job as senior technical account manager with Yardi, a real estate and property management firm. He managed the implementation of computing systems and provided support to CEO’s, CPA’s, and IT staff at Yardi(opens in new window).

“I was project manager for outsourcing a 25-employee workload of equity mutual fund accounting tasks to India. I developed relationships and trained 25 employees in India. I remotely managed an accounting team in India and designed and executed the offshoring of fixed income mutual funds,” Spencer stated in a recent email.

In 2016 Spencer moved on to HG Data, which became HG Insights, where he currently works. “As my career has progressed, I have started to realized more and more how much I depend on modeling to answer complex questions,” Spencer stated in a recent email. “The skills I developed throughout my economics coursework allow me to approach seemingly overwhelming problems with a logical, consistent methodology. This ability is crucial when you are working with startup companies who are entering emerging markets where information and resources are limited. Creating business models, working with unknown variables, isolating assumptions, and performing benefit cost analysis, all without losing grasp of the "bigger picture" all relates to skills learned in economics.” (Last Updated 6/7/19)

Portrait of Spencer Hardey