Department of Economics

Tamzen Stringham

  • Graduated: 1981
  • Field: Environment

Tamzen K. Stringham, who graduated from Chico State in 1981, went to Oregon State University where she completed her M.S. in Agriculture and Resource Economics and her PhD in Rangeland Science. She is a professor in the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Veterinary Sciences(opens in new window), University of Nevada Reno.

In a recent email, Dr. Stringham stated that, “I began my higher education career at Chico State in 1977 in the field of Agricultural Business. I soon found a fascination and enjoyment with the subject matter of Economics and a mentor in Dr. John Orr. Dr. Orr and many other professors within the Economics Department at Chico State provided me with a strong analytical foundation and enhanced critical thinking skills that have served me well as I pursued advanced degrees in Agricultural and Resource Economics and in Rangeland Science.” Dr. Stringham had a successful career in the rangeland ecology research and teaching arena both at Oregon State University from 1997 to 2008 and now at the University of Nevada, Reno. She currently holds the Donna Anderson Endowed Professorship in Rangeland Management at UNR. In 2010 she won the Outstanding Achievement Award for Research from the Society for Range Management and in 2013 she won the USDA Secretary of Agriculture Honor Award given for significant contributions to the Agriculture Industry of the United States.

“Although I do not specifically work in the world of economics today it is important to remember that the root word for economics and ecology are the same – meaning house or home. I use the analytical and critical thinking skills learned within the economics profession on a daily basis. My approach to solving difficult land management problems is three pronged:

  1. Economically sustainable
  2. Ecologically sustainable
  3. Socially sustainable

Without all three the management plan will fail.  My background in economics, which began at Chico State, provided me with the understanding and the tools to develop sustainable management plans that work for society, the environment and the economy.”

Portrait of Tamzen Stringham