Department of Economics

Trevor Rodriguez

  • Graduated: 2022
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant

Trevor Rodriquez(opens in new window), who graduated with Honors in 2022, is a methods process analyst for Boeing(opens in new window) in Everett, Washington.  While still in high school Trevor worked for Sourdough & Co.(opens in new window) in Lincoln, California, where he was the shift lead.  In 2018 Trevor continued working for Sourdough and enrolled at Sierra College where he maintained a GPA of 3.92 and he took economics classes that led to his pursuit of a BA in Economics. 

In 2020 Trevor transferred to Chico State where he made the Dean’s List four times and maintained a GPA of 3.82.  Two years later while working part-time as a merchandiser for Mondelez International(opens in new window),  Trevor graduated with honors.  Mondelez promoted Trevor to a senior sales representative, a position Trevor maintained until September 2022 when Boeing hired him.

“The most valuable thing I realized while working towards my Econ degree at Chico State was that you always need to think for yourself. Don't blindly believe what you see or hear, do the work to come to your own conclusion, Trevor stated in a recent email.  “That basic principle has helped me progress in my career and personal life.”

(Last Updated 11/27/22)

Portrait of Trevor Rodriguez