Employment Opportunities


Instructer writing in a chalkboard

A hallmark of the Chico Experience is the dedication that faculty have to teaching and to their students. It is a shared experience—one valued by those teaching and those learning. Many faculty members spend their careers at Chico State, and countless alums attribute their success to the commitment faculty have to inspiring students.


Staff in office

State Positions

It’s not unusual for staff members to devote their working lives to Chico State—because they care deeply for the campus and the community. Such commitment to the educational mission of the University is cited as a core attribute of the Chico Experience.

Associated Students

More than 100 career staff members are employed by this student-run, auxiliary organization.

CSU, Chico Research Foundation

This private nonprofit serves the University as an auxiliary organization.


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Many students earn money and valuable experience by working or participating in internships during their college careers. A variety of positions and career exploration services are available throughout the year. Investigate the possibilities through the links below: