Earth and Environmental Sciences (ERTH)

Alumni Updates, 2023

2023, Justin Hicks, Environmental Science - Energy & Earth Resources Option

Currently working as a technician in the Earth Observing Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO. In my first month on the job, I've worked on two field projects (SOS in CO and M2HATS in NV) and am scheduled to visit Keesler AFB and the Hurricane Hunters as well as work on an aerial project (CAESAR) based out of Sweden next winter.

2023, Kevin Scheive, Environmental Science - Atmosphere and Climate Option

During my initial month with the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA), I have engaged in an in-depth examination of pertinent legislative proposals regarding air quality, while concurrently orchestrating various gatherings and sessions among California's local air districts. Serving as a liaison between the CAPCOA board and the air districts, I am cultivating a comprehensive understanding of air quality regulations, protocols, and challenges. My duties entail statewide travel with a primary objective centered on advocating for clean air initiatives and sustainable business practices.

2022, Zachary Burr, Environmental Science - Applied Ecology Option

I’ve recently become a certified arborist and I’m currently working to help PG&E make their facilities safer and more reliable.

2021, Kevin Criswell, Geology

I am a Staff Geologist at GMU Geotechnical in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

2021, Twyla Capurro, Geology

Working for Provost & Pritchard Consulting group on a team that designs caves and tunnels. My work is focused on assessment of ground conditions prior to and during construction of shotcrete walls and various types of tunnels, such as wine caves, driveway tunnels, and water storage tunnels. I visit the Napa area weekly to observe and inspect installation of reinforcement and placement of concrete for projects that are in construction.

2020, Neil Trent, Geology

Working my days away...

2020, Jacob Maphet, Environmental Science - Applied Ecology Option

Bought a house in Bend, Or. Transitioning careers from EH&S with a pharmaceutical company to Environmental Scientist with a consulting firm focusing more on field sampling and phase 1/2 site assessments.

2020, Scott Stokes, Geology

I am a hydrogeologist and groundwater modeler at LRE Water, based out of Denver, Colorado.

2019, Andre Bourret, Geology

Working at a geotechnical Engineering firm in Oakland.

2019, Nicholas Holt, Geology

Working as HVAC technician and enjoying the outdoors in my free time.

2019, Evan Mason, Geology

I am a remote sensing specialist for an engineering consulting company in Denver, CO called Campos EPC. I fly LiDAR drones and use 3D scanners for preliminary install work for energy companies.

2018, Ryan Beane, Geology

Staff Geologist at Broadbent & Associates Inc.

2018, Sarah Middleton (Torkelson), Geology

I am a senior staff geologist at Langan Engineering and Environmental. We mainly work on environmentally impacted redevelopment projects.

2018, Angie Rodriguez, Geology

I am working as a hydrogeologist in the Sacramento area, interested in all things groundwater.

2017, Alberto Garrido, Geology

I am currently working as an Engineering Geologist for the Department of Water Resources, Division of Engineering, Project Geology Section. Our work is primarily geared towards maintaining, repairing, and monitoring the facilities and surrounding areas of the California State Water Project, a multi-purpose water storage and delivery system that extends two-thirds the length of the state and is composed of a collection of canals, pipelines, reservoirs, and hydroelectric power facilities.

2017, Gene Lewis, Geology

Here at DWR we are very busy reviewing the Groundwater Sustainably Plans that were submitted in January. We're also working diligently to collect, analyze, and report various groundwater data.

2017, Andrew Napier, Geology

I teach 6-8th grade science at a middle school in Northern CA. I focus on thematic earth science and hands on labs/field trips. I'm also the Technology Director for the school, Student Council Advisor, Track Coach, and dad to a rambunctious three year old. My student's love my prominently displayed rock collection and many of my samples were collected on CSU Chico field trips.

2017, Ceara Purcell, Geology

I'm working on getting my PhD in Paleontology at the University of New Mexico and doing some occasional geology work on the side.

2017, David Rupp, Geology

I am working remote as an independent contractor generating GIS maps to provide groundwater exploration and development consulting services. I started out working at a private consulting firm doing field work as well as office work and then transitioned to remote work 3 years later. I miss field work, haha!

2017, Ariel Szymanski (Kittredge), Geology

Working in environmental consulting in the SF Bay Area on contaminated sites. Project work consisting of injection and other methods of remediation, site investigation, contaminant delineation, and compliance monitoring for clients in the energy, technology, manufacturing or development sectors.

2016, Briana Azevedo, Environmental Science - Applied Ecology Option

I am a 7th grade science teacher in Seattle, WA.

2016, Anna Harris (Nattress), Geology

I have been working for the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for over five years. My current location in Carlsbad Ca. has a diamond grading and gemstone research lab. As well as a museum and technical college. Where students can train and receive various degrees and certificates relating to gemstone identification, jewelry design and manufacturing. I cannot get into the specifics of my job. What I can say is my current position is in the Diamond Grading Lab. I am trained to assign various grades to diamonds as well as detect and identify inclusions, treatments, etc. If you want to learn more about GIA and GIA opportunities feel free to visit

2016, Andrew Huneycutt, Environmental Science - Energy & Earth Resources Option

I work for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Environmental Scientist out of Chico. I am the District fisheries biologist for Glenn and Colusa Counties and I lead a team of Scientific Aids conducting salmonid research on the Sacramento River and Butte Creek.

2016, Tom Patton, Environmental Science - Energy & Earth Resources Option

I am a Firefighter for Cal Fire, I have worked in Wildland Fire for the past 3 years for the Forest Service and Cal Fire.

2016, Mark Szymanski, Geology

I'm working as a project geologist for Lettis Consultants International, Inc.

2016, Corinne Tanner, Geology

Working for Chico State Enterprises as a GIS Assistant.

2015, Mark Ingram, Geology

I have worked the last 4 years with Crux Subsurface, a civil/geotechnical engineering company in the energy and utilities sector, on a variety of private infrastructure projects across the country.

2015, Steven Pluim, Geology

I am working for a private company doing in house historic mine reclamation.

2015, Ashley Shields, Geology

Working at Idaho National Lab as data science researcher, focusing on AI applications in digital engineering for the nuclear domain.

2015, Sharla Stockton, Geology

I was previously the Water Resources Specialist for Glenn County, where most of my time was concentrated on Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) compliance. At the direction of the Board of Supervisors, I was reclassified to the Geographic Information Systems Analyst to perform geospatial analysis for all departments within the county. I have a wide variety of projects keeping my job interesting, some projects include planning and spatial analysis for drought response, mapping, and statistical well analysis. More recently I completed an Office of Emergency Services project which included the development of Evacuation Zones to better respond to natural disasters such as floods, fires, and earthquakes.

2014, Kaite McPherran, Geology

PhD Candidate in Oceanography, University of Delaware.

2013, Francisco Pineda, Environmental Science - Applied Ecology Option

Environmental Scientist for Cal DWR southern region.

2013, Katie Rayl, Geology

I work remotely for the State Water Resources Control Board in the Division of Financial Assistance, Emergency Drinking Water/Cleanup and Abatement Account Unit. My job consists of working with applicants to secure state funding for urgent drinking water needs. I am currently working with Butte County to fund the Drought Resilience and Outreach Program, and Glenn County.

2013, Jack Rayl, Geology

Currently employed in Redding as an Engineering Geologist for the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board in the Groundwater Unit. I deal specifically with site cleanup cases and emerging chemicals such as PFAS and 1,2,3 -TCP.

2013, Dennis Veich, Geology

I retired from the US Forest Service in June 2022, I was the Forest Geologist for the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. I maintain my firefighter qualifications (red card) and I am on an availability list to return to serve on Burn Area Emergency Response (BAER) assignments as needed during the fire season.

2012, Jolyon Johnson, Geology

I am a father of two, an AP Physics teacher, and a City Council member for the City of Snoqualmie, WA.

2012, Christina Monterrubio, Geology

I am a middle school teacher at Reeds Creek Elementary. My home room is 6th grade and teach science to 7th and 8th. My students have the best time when we cover earth sciences especially geology. We do many fun labs some I have adopted from the classes I have taken at Chico State. We recently just welcomed our 2nd child and she has been a delight to watch her personality blossom. Our son just started tee-ball, he is loving it so far and making new friends.

2012, Janine Roza-Jameson, Geology

I'm happily teaching at the College of Southern Nevada. I teach Geology 101, Mineralogy and Field Geology, and I have a lot of fun doing it!

2011, Marisol Gonzalez, Geology

I am currently working my 6th year at the Central Valley Water Board-Region 5 as an Engineering Geologist in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Unit (NPDES). Basically, I regulate systems that discharge to surface water like wastewater treatment plants, mines and sawmills.

2010, Kevin Duvernay, Geology

After graduating from Chico State in 2010 I went to Colorado to get a Masters in Geology. I then working in oil/gas exploration primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. In 2016 I moved to Australia where I worked in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia executing large exploration drill programs for Iron Ore. I now work in Perth making 3D geological models of ore bodies and estimating resource volumes and grades.

2010, Chris Peterson, Geology

General Manager for Comstock Mining.

2010, Collin Stephens, Geology

After completing my time at Chico State I decided that Geology was not for me. Not only did I graduate at a very difficult time during the recession in 2010, I learned that the field just wasn't quite right for me. My current role is with CalCPA, a state-wide non-profit association dedicated to inspiring the next generation of accountants and financial professionals throughout California. I work with students from high school through college and beyond into the first few years of their career; guiding them from discovered, to education and beyond. On a side note, I was recently on campus at Chico speaking with students in the College of Business.

2009, CJ Burkland, Environmental Science - Environmental Chemistry Option

Working in the City of San Francisco for long time private Water Treatment company, Garratt-Callahan. Using knowledge and skills to keep mechanical system running efficiently, saving water and energy. Also using chemistry to prevent growth of water borne pathogens in potable and industrial water.

2009, Michael Parker, Geology

Living in Chico, I work as an Engineering Geologist in the Non-Point Source Unit with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board under the State Water Resources Control Board. In my position, duties include oversight of utility infrastructure rebuilds and maintenance activity, forest practice activities and permit development. Additionally, under emergency circumstances the position allows the opportunity to assist the State with assessing post-fire environmental impacts, including assessment of impacts to watersheds, water quality monitoring and debris and hazard tree removal activities.

2009, Griffin Perea, Geology and Environmental Science - Hydrology Option

Managing a group of staff that regulate non-point sources of pollution, mostly related to utility corridor management, federal lands management, and post fire impacts and recovery.

2009, Shawn Welday, Geology

I graduated with my BS in Geology in 2009. I spent 1 year working as a mud logger on the natural gas rigs. I am now working toward my teaching credential from CSU Chico while working as a 3rd and 4th grade combo class teacher at Rancho Tehama Elementary.

2009, Matthew Wetzel, Geology

Once I graduated from CSU Chico, I started working in the mining industry. I eventually got a job with Freeport-McMoRan Inc. in Tucson, AZ as a staff geologist. In Tucson I met my beautiful wife and we now have two children. I have spent the last 13 years working at Freeport-McMoRan as an exploration geologist in various roles. My current role is Chief Targeting Geologist, where I lead a team of geologists with the goal of locating and defining new copper resources around the world.

2008, Misty Chambers (Smith), Geology

I teach high school Geology, in Apple Valley, CA.

2008, Brandon Davison, Geology

Engineering Geologist, Groundwater & Geology Section, Northern Region Office, DWR.

2008, Kerron Didier, Geology

After working I'm multiple Geologist/Geoscientist positions for 3 years I obtained my MSc in Petrophysics. I currently work for Apache Corp as a Petrophysicist in our exploration group.

2008, Tracy Geddes, Geology

Since graduating in 2008 I've spent most of my career in the gold mining industry working for Newmont and Barrick at mines throughout Nevada. These days I call Denver, CO home, where I work for Jetti Resources, a copper processing technology company.

2008, Michael Glas, Geology

I'm working for the San Francisco Department of Public Works.

2008, Nick Hightower, Geosciences

I work for the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) as a Senior Engineering Geologist. My current emphasis at work is on landslides and slope instability. I was hired in 2006 as a student assistant by DWR while I was attending CSU Chico.

2008, David Reioux, Geology

I am currently working in the mineral resources program at the California Geological Survey. In spring of 2022 I completed 4, 1:24,000 scale geologic maps. The map area was a portion of the New York Mountains which are located in the Mojave National Preserve.

2008, Ellie Spangler, Geology

I'm currently working as an Engineering Geologist for the California Geological Survey, in the Regional Geologic and Landslides Mapping Program.

2008, Anthony Wohletz, Geology

I do SGMA for the State Water Board.

2007, Ian Park, Geology

I'm a general contractor now. I do a lot of foundation work so geology is still in my blood but the great recession didn't afford me the opportunity to use my degree to obtain work in the field.

2005, Skimra Rodriguez, Geology

I've been teaching high school science (Earth Science, Biology, AP Environmental Science, and Fish and Wildlife) for 14 years in the Sacramento area. I also coach Cross Country and Track at the school. In my spare time, I get outside as much as possible to enjoy nature with my husband and 8-year old daughter.

2001, Danielle (Ele) Newton, Geosciences

I work full-time as an Outside Sales Rep for a bicycle distributor/manufacturer.

1999, Jay Rowan, Environmental Science - Hydrology Option

Currently working for the Department of Fish and Wildlife as the Fisheries Branch Chief, and my son is a freshman at CSU Chico.

1999, Sara Taddo Jones, Geosciences

I am a Registered Professional Forester and a mother of twin teenage girls!

1996, Steven Sunding, Geology

Engineering Geologist for Department of Water Resources.

1995, Jeff H. Van Gilder, Geology

Senior Engineering Geologist (CEG, CHG) - Department of Water Resources.

1992, Jesse Wellman, Geology

Consulting economic geologist. Geospatial Analyst. 20+ years in mineral exploration, discovery, and development throughout the Americas.

1987, James Richmond, Geology

Retired- inventing gold recovery equipment.

1985, Rick Harlan, Geology and Philosophy

Working as a consulting engineering geologist on design, safety and maintenance of dams and associated water resource projects.

1984, Rich Peevers, Geology

I do Integrated Strategic Mine Planning for mining companies globally. This is a bit of geology, a bit of engineering, and a bit of finance. Mining has huge exposure to the environment, in terms of carbon production, tailings storage, and the potential for acid mine drainage. All of these items, and many more, need to be integrated into a mine plan to gain the social license to operate.

1983, Jim Brake, Geology

Working part time for Geocon Consultants, Inc. in Ranch Cordova, CA, but will be retired in June 2023 after 36 years in environmental consulting in California and the western US.

1983, Baxter Glenn Tackett (BG), Geology

Senior Oil and Gas Engineer, State of CA, Dept. of Conservation, Cal Geologic Energy Management...whatever than means, formerly Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources.

1981, Eric Lauha, Geology and Botany (Ecology) Degree from UC Santa Barbara 1976

I am currently retired living in Elko NV, but I used my Geology degree from CSU Chico to work as an Exploration Geologist for two major gold mining companies in NE Nevada: Barrick Goldstrike Mine between January 1987 and June 2003 and Newmont Exploration from March 2004 to July 2019. Prior to working for these two Mining Companies, I worked as a junior geologist in the Death Valley National Monument mining office in Furnace Creek between October 1977 and September 1979 assisting senior geologists and mining engineers to evaluate the various mining claims in Death Valley as mandated by the US Congress. I also worked for two Junior Exploration Companies after I graduated from CSU Chico: Nevada Resources in Reno, NV from January to December 1982 and Western States Minerals Corp from January 1983 to December 1986 at the Goldstrike Mine near Elko, NV.

1981, Richard Perry, Geology

Retired but still tromping around looking at rocks.

1978, Richard Gubitosa, Geology


1976, Michael Gordon, Geology


1975, Ronald Churchill, Geology

I retired in 2018 after 29 years with the California Geological Survey and 8 years previously with Phillips Petroleum Company. I am currently enjoying reviving my photography hobby, doing family genealogy research, spending time family, and occasionally traveling.

1969, Lindsay Swain, Geology

I retired after 33 years with the Water Resources Division of US Geological Survey in 2001. I developed one of first solute-transport digital groundwater models with Dr. George Pinder of Princeton U in 1977. I wrote the first and so far only analysis of chemical quality of ground water in all the Hawaiian Islands in 1973. I was mentored by Dr. Joe Poland on land subsidence due to aquifer compaction and wrote the initial subsidence package for the groundwater model in the Central Valley of California. I was lucky to be a peer reviewer of original MODFLOW by Mcdonald and Harbaugh. After graduating with the first geology class from Chico, I was fortunate to be trained at USGS 6-month training center by many of the founders of groundwater science such as Ferris, Theis, Bredehoeft, Hem, and Lohman. I now live in Colorado but am still involved in consulting in water for California Water Districts.