International Education and Global Engagement

Academic Advising Resources - International Students

IEGE partners with department chairs, College Advising & Retention Specialists (CARS), Office of Graduate Studies, Academic Advising Programs, and Graduation Advising to provide comprehensive academic advising and support to our international students. 

International Advisors Responsible for Course Evaluation and Enrollment

International Admissions is responsible for evaluating transcripts from institutions and exam boards outside of the U.S. and will work closely with department chairs to accurately post credits to each new undergraduate student's account. 

The international student academic advisor and retention specialist is responsible for enrolling all new international undergraduate degree-seeking and exchange students in their first-semester courses, and also provides support to international students who wish to transfer courses taken at other universities worldwide during summer and winter sessions. They also work with departments to determine transferability of major/minor courses taken at other institutions for degree-seeking transfer students. 

  • International Students - Summer Course Substitution Process

    Note: This relates to International Wildcats taking university credit abroad during the summer, not all Chico State students studying abroad.

    Instruction Guide and Forms (PDF) for Students 

    It is common for international students to enroll in summer and winter session courses at other institutions - international and domestic. Students with government scholarships often have additional requirements that must be considered in order to receive funding for summer course enrollment. The international student academic advisor/retention specialist will coach students through the process of collecting the required documentation and will ensure accreditation of the hosting institution before reaching out to department chairs to request pre-authorization. Ideally, this process will be complete before the student enrolls in the course. 

  • New Transfer Students - Course Enrollment and Articulation

    The IEGE team works collaboratively to ensure that all transfer credit from international and domestic universities is properly vetted and posted to each student's account.

    GE Credit and International Transcript Evaluation

    The international admissions advisor is responsible for determining accreditation of international high schools, colleges, and universities, and evaluates transcripts from institutions and board exam results outside of the U.S.. They work closely with department chairs to accurately post GE credit.

    Major/Minor Credit and Prerequisite Assessment

    The international student academic advisor/retention specialist position is responsible for enrolling new first-year, transfer, and exchange students in their first-semester courses. The specialist will work closely with department chairs to accurately post credit toward a student's major/minor. Department chairs are sent a packet for review by the academic advisor/retention specialist, which includes the information and documents needed to help them assess the transferability of each course. Once the transferability of the credit is agreed upon, the department chair will be sent a link to an International Student Course Articulation Authorization form via Adobe Sign. 

  • Exchange/Non-Degree Students – Course Placement

    The international student academic advisor/retention specialist position is responsible for enrolling new exchange and other non-degree students in their first-semester courses. These students are visiting Chico State for just one semester or year and often require special permission to take upper division courses (with prerequisites) at Chico State based upon the skills and knowledge they acquired at their home institution. Similar to the new course articulation process for new transfer students, the academic advisor/retention specialist works with each department chair and/or CARS for permission to override prerequisites when requested by the student. In some cases, departments will prefer to enroll the students themselves.