Office of the President

Executive Memoranda 2020

List of Executive Memoranda (2020)
20-001January 7, 2020 Discontinuation of the Option in Community and Commercial Recreation and Tourism
20-002January 7, 2020 Approval to Change the Name of the Minor in Recreation Administration
20-003January 7, 2020 Approval to Change the Name of the Option in Parks and Natural Resources Management
20-004January 7, 2020 Significant Change to the BS in Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management
20-005January 7, 2020 2021-2022 Academic Calendar
20-006February 10, 2020 Time, Place, and Manner of Expression Policy; Supersedes EM 14-013
20-007March 9, 2020 Approval of the New Master of Arts in Teaching
20-008April 1, 2020 (Renewed October 1, 2020) Interim Executive Memorandum for Academic Scheduling This Executive Memorandum has been superseded by EM EM-21-022
20-009April 8, 2020 Approval to Change the Name of the Agricultural Teaching and Research Center/University Farm
20-010April 22, 2020 Enrollment Management Advisory Committee; Supersedes 10-019
20-011May 11, 2020 Approval of the New Option in Business Analytics within the BS in Business Information Systems
20-012May 11, 2020 Grade Appeal Policy
20-013May 18, 2020 Student Complaint Policy, Supersedes EM 05-010
20-014May 18, 2020 Faculty Profits on Course Materials, Supersedes EM 92-043
20-015May 18, 2020 Campus Native American Consultation and Repatriation Committee
20-016June 9, 2020 Approval to Change the Name of the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Sustainable Manufacturing
20-017June 24, 2020 Approval of the New Option in Criminal Justice within the Master of Public Administration
20-018June 24, 2020 Policy for University Long and Short-Term Facilities Allocation and Utilization; Supersedes EM 97-020 and EM 13-078
20-019June 25, 2020 Oversight of Complementary Units (including Campus Centers and Institutes); Supersedes EM 19-026
20-020August 5, 2020 Interim Policy for the Use of Digital Technologies in Teaching and Learning; Supersedes EM 14-014
20-021September 11, 2020 Approval of Significant Changes and a Name Change to the BS in Sustainable Manufacturing