Department of Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management


Advisor Office Hours

Students studying for a major (or a minor) in Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management are assigned a faculty member as an advisor.

RHPM Advisor for Spring 2024
Advisor for all Majors
Lee, Changclee93@csuchico.eduOffice Hours: MTWTHS: 9:00-10:00am or by appointment
RHPM Advisors for Fall 2024
Advisor for Event Management, Resort and Lodging Management & RHPM Minor
Geddie, Morganmgeddie@csuchico.eduOffice Hours: TBD
Advisor for Event Management, Recreation Therapy, Graduate Program & RHPM Minor
McLachlin, Lauralmclachlin@csuchico.eduOffice Hours: By appointment
Advisor for Park and Recreation Management & Tourism Minor
Sheffield, Emilynesheffield@csuchico.eduOffice Hours: By appointment on Thursday afternoons
Advisor for Event Management and Resort and Lodging Management
Lee, Changclee93@csuchico.eduOffice Hours: TBD
Advisor for Park and Recreation Management 
Engebretson, Jessejengebretson@csuchico.eduOffice Hours: TBD

Degree and Major Requirements

All students should meet with a GE advisor and their major advisor every semester to discuss their progress to degree, GE advisors are not assigned; students can meet with a GE advisor in Academic Advising Programs or the CME Student Success Team. The links below refer to the 2023-24 degree and major requirements in the university catalog. Before enrolling in courses, make sure you are following the correct requirements. Your GE and major advisors are excited to help you!

These forms are for students starting RHPM in Fall 2023 or later:

BS in Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management


For advising in these minors, please contact the RHPM department. Please refer to the University Catalog (opens in new window)for all current and past graduation requirements.