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Minor in Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management

Many students have a passion for recreation, hospitality, and parks management, even though they may have another major. Meeting with a minor advisor is the first step toward a minor in Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management.

A minor in Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management allows students to prepare for a leadership position in many fields while maintaining their major. Students complete a course in foundations of recreation (RHPM 200) and work with a minor advisor to select courses around a central focus. Students may focus on a particular area of interest such as resort and lodging management, event management, or parks and natural resources. Or they may choose courses to lead them toward a particular career path such as hospitality sales, marketing, and convention services. We recommend reviewing the major option areas—Community & Commercial Recreation and Tourism; Event Management; Parks & Natural Resources Management; and Resort & Lodging Management—to help select a focus.

Advising in Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management

Course Catalog: Minor in Recreation Administration

Minor in Tourism

Tourism is one of the largest worldwide industries. Our minor in tourism helps students to understand the social aspects of tourism and the business aspects of tourism. Students learn about the broad range of businesses that are part of tourism-cruise lines, theme parks, tour operators, resorts, outdoor recreation, and more! They also understand tourism from a societal and anthropological viewpoint: how tourism affects society and what motivates tourist behavior.

Students may choose elective courses focusing on their area of interest. Study abroad courses may also count toward a minor in tourism.

A minor in tourism is appropriate for many different majors, including marketing, management, entrepreneurship, anthropology, communication, journalism, geography, and recreation, hospitality, and parks management.

The tourism courses at Chico State introduce students to agencies such as convention and visitor bureaus, economic development agencies, destination marketing organizations, and chambers of commerce. Students also pursue careers with travel-related businesses such as hotels, restaurants, tour operators, airlines, and event management companies. Many graduates choose to become entrepreneurs.

Major Associations Serving the Field:

Careers in tourism include management positions in destination marketing organizations, convention and visitors bureaus, hotels and resorts, and commercial recreation and tourism providers (such as outdoor recreation and tours), as well as opportunities as entrepreneurs.

Advising in Tourism

Course Catalog: Minor in Tourism