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Understanding "Reports-To"

In PeopleSoft...

In the PeopleSoft-HR system, positions  report to positions. For more detailed information, please refer to the Payroll Manual General Information section.

This “reports-to” field has down-stream impacts to other processes and systems:

  • Ability to approve reported absences in AMSS
  • Assignment of "supervisor" training to those who lead or direct the work of other employees
  • Ability to view required training reports for managers and leads

Who is the “Reports-To”?

To view a listing of employees and their direct "Reports-To," your department Reports-To Maintainer can run a  Reports-To Listing Report(opens in new window) in Insight. A business process guide(opens in new window) is available through Box. Access to this and other Reports-To Insight reports is allotted to the person in your area who has the PeopleSoft HR role to maintain the reporting relationship. Contact if you have questions.

How is Report-To Used in CSU Learn? 

The “reports-to” field is pulled, with employee data, from PeopleSoft-HR and imported into CSU Learn. 

The "reports-to" field and other criteria in PeopleSoft are used to automatically assign required training. In some CSU Learn reports, the “reports-to” may be displayed in the "manager name" field.

How to Change the “Reports-To”

You can change (the manager/lead position) using the following steps.

Staff, Faculty or Unit 11 Employees:

  • Work with the "reports-to" maintainer for your area, typically a college AA/S or someone in the department or division office. They can run a  Reports-To Listing Report(opens in new window) from Insight to determine the current "reports-to" structure.

Student Employees:

  • Student Payroll Attendance Clerk can update the Student Reports-to relationship.

Reports-to project(opens in new window) details and and Reports-To processing guides(opens in new window) are available online.

If you have further question, please contact

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