Training Management System

Understanding "Reports To"

In PeopleSoft...

In the PeopleSoft-HR system, positions report to positions.  This “reports to” field has implications for other processes and systems:

  • Ability to approve reported absences in AMSS
  • Assignment of "supervisor" training to those who lead or direct the work of other employees
  • Ability to view required training reports for managers and leads

All of the above functions are either "on" or "off" for a position in PeopleSoft-HR.

Who is the “Reports To”? What is it used for in CSU Learn?

The “reports to” field is pulled, with employee data, from PeopleSoft-HR and imported into CSU Learn. 

The "reports to" field and other criteria in PeopleSoft are used to automatically assign required training. In some CSU Learn reports, the “reports to” may be displayed in the "manager name" field.

How to Change the “Reports To”

You can change (the lead/manager position) using the following steps.

Faculty or Staff:

  • Please notify and we will contact the "reports to" maintainer for your unit/college and work with them to update PeopleSoft.

Student Employees:

  • If a change in the student employee “Reports To” field is desired, please work with Yvonne Bealer, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), 530-898-5477

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