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Student Employee Reports To Project


In the past, student employee reporting relationships were set to the department administrator level. With this model, electronic workflow as well as identification and automated assignment of training to individuals who supervise has not been possible. Direct reporting relationships maintained in the employee database provide a mechanism for automating processes and making data more available. This results in a reduction in the use of paper, time saved that otherwise is spent moving paper from one location to another, and availability of data that previously may have been tracked through replicating and storing data outside the system of record.

Project Goal

The goal is to maintain the direct supervisory relationship for student employee positions in PeopleSoft. To reach the goal, this project includes the development of tools necessary for departments to view and change reporting relationships for student employee positions.

Project Milestones and Status

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Student Employee Reports To Maintenance PageIn final stages of testing
Student Position Creation/Modification FormIn development
PilotAugust – September 2014
Targeted Campus wide Roll-outOctober 2014 – July 2015

Training Documentation

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