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Preparing to complete the FAFSA

STEP 1: 

Create a FSA ID for you and a parent. Click on FSA ID website(opens in new window).


Fill out the FAFSA for federal grants, work study, and loans (October 1st - March 2nd). Click on FAFSA website(opens in new window).

Things/Info you must know when filling out the FAFSA:

  1. What is your parent’s legal marital status as of today?
    • Single
    • Married/Remarried
    • Divorced
    • Separated
    • Widowed
  2. What month and year was your parent’s marital status? (if married, divorced, separated or widowed)
  3. What are you and your parent's birthdates? (including year)
  4. What are you and your parent's Social Security Numbers?
  5. Did your parents already filed their Federal Tax Returns 2 years ago? (For example, if you are filling out the 2020-2021 FAFSA, you will need to know your parent's 2018 tax returns.)
  6. Do you or your parents have any monies not reported on the tax return (i.e. Food Stamps, Welfare Benefits, Social Security Benefits, Child Support, Disability)


Once your FAFSA is successfully processed, create a CALGRANT account in order to receive state grants or other additional funding. Click on Webgrants4students(opens in new window).

Things/Info you must know in order to receive California state grants:

  1.  Only select one college that you applied for and will attend in the future.